Planned updates for this weekend…

I know the world is suppose to come to an end on Saturday, but I am still going to work hard to get an update done on this site. So even in the end, there will be new content!!!!

My first goal is I plan to have a separate baseball section posted. Right now, I will just contain the pictures to most of the games i’ve attended, and with luck, the last two as well (4/23 Omaha Storm Chasers vs. Nashville Sound AAA Pacific League game and 5/1 Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees vs. Gwinnett Braves AAA International League game). I will not bother posting the old links page since I notice there have been a lot of changes and will start working on a new one.

I will also add small “restaurant review” posts for places we go. This will be chain free since chain food is generally bland garbage. It’s just going to be my views of the places I go, so everyone can take it for what it’s worth. Today, I went out for lunch and picked up dinner on the way home, so I already have a good example of something great and something that you should probably avoid like a plague…   :)

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