CMLL live results: 5/11/2014 Arena Coliseo

Sorry I skipped the last two weeks, i’ve been pretty busy and nothing on those show really jumped out as a must see… chances are tonight, I will focus more on matches three and up…

6. NWA Middleweight Title: La Sombra def. Rey Escorpion

La Sombra goes for his fourth defense. La Sombra came out for a promo after the fourth match and was booed in his new “not a technico, not a rudo” role.

Fall #1: Rey Escorpion took the first with a sitdown powerbomb. La Sombra is solidly the rudo here.

Fall #2: La Sombra evens it with a STIFF looking double knee strike to the corner for the pin.

Fall #3: Both men repeated the finishers from the previous falls for two counts. La Sombra pins Rey Escorpion with the Shadow Driver to retain.

5. Mascara Dorada, Atlantis (captain) & Titan DQ Terrible, Euforia & Niebla Roja (captain)

Terrible is the CMLL heavyweight champion, and even that doesn’t get him a spot as the captain. Ultimo Guerrero is working the DragonMania show at Arena Mexico tonight…

Fall #1: Rudos took the first when Niebla Roja pinned Titan and Terrible submitted Atlantis.

Fall #2: Titan with a plancha on Niebla Roja. Technicos even it when Mascara Dorada pins Euforia after a sunset flip and Atlantis get a small package on Terrible.

Fall #3: Mascara Dorada lept over the top rope, coming down with a rana on Euforia. Atlantis submitted Terrible. When Titan went for his finisher on Niebla Roja, Roja yanked his mask off for the DQ.

4. Valiente def. Vangellys (Lightning match)

One fall: First big spots of the match were Valiente with a tope, followed by his triple jump moonsault to the floor. Valiente hit his chest cracker for a two. Valiente hit a dropkick to the knee of Vangellys as he came off the ropes and pinned him with an awkward looking splash. Vangellys appeared to be hurt from the dropkick.

3. Fuego, Rey Cometa (captain) & Triton def. Shigeo Okumura, Misterioso Jr. (captain) & Kamaitachi

Fall #1: Misterioso Jr. hit a Gory Special on Rey Cometa and Shigeo Okumura and Kamaitachi hit a double dropkick off the top rope while he was in the hold. Misterioso Jr. pinned Rey Cometa to take the first.

Fall #2: After a few badly blown spots, Rey Cometa came in and hit a BEAUTIFUL tornillo plancha on Misterioso Jr.. Fuego rolled up Shigeo Okumura and Triton rolled up Kamaitachi to take the second.

Fall #3: Rey Cometa hit a rana off the apron on Misterioso Jr.. Rudos feigned planchas and while they had their backs turned, Rey Cometa rolled up Misterioso Jr. for the win. Fuego danced in his face and at Shigeo Okumura for good measure.

2. Hombre Bala Jr. (captain), Pegasso & Starman def. Canelo Casas, Disturbio (captain) & Ramstein

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Pegasso pins Ramstein after a splash off the top rope and Hombre Bala Jr. pins Disturbio after a split legged moonsault.

Fall #2: Rudos even it when Disturbio pins Starman after a running knee strike in the corner and Ramstein pins Pegasso after a splash off the top.

Fall #3: Hombre Bala Jr. takes out Canelo Casas. Pegasso pins Disturbio with a sunset flip and Starman pins Ramstein with a tornillo backbreaker.

1. Akuma & Zayco def. Leono & Magnus

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Magnus submits Zayco and Leono submits Akuma

Fall #2: Rudos even it when Zayco submits Leono and Akuma beats Magnus

Fall #3: Leono pins Akuma, Zayco beats Leono, and the rudos take it when Zayco yanks Magnus’ mask and pins him.

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