CMLL live results: 3/16/2014 Arena Mexico

For those following along tonight…

6. Volador Jr. def. Reaper

Volador Jr. wanted a mask match, Reaper wanted a title shot, neither gets their wish. Volador Jr. dressed as Flash.

Fall #1: Brawl starts at the stairs. With both men standing on the top rope, Volador Jr. hits a rana to take the first fall.

Fall #2: Reaper in control of the second fall and um… well… he sucks. Volador Jr. hits a tope. Reaker I mean Reaper with a dropkick off the top and a senton to take a terrible second fall. This match is the crowd killer.

Fall #3: Volador Jr. with a plancha to try and wake up the crowd. After a few near falls, Reaper with a plancha on Volador Jr.. After a few more near falls, Volador Jr. hit a thrust kick and back cracker for a mercy killing  the win. After this, lets hope there isn’t any more challenges for singles matches.

5. Negro Casas (captain), Kraneo & Niebla Roja DQ Marco Corelone, Rush (captain) & Maximo

Negro Casas was pulled from the 3/21 hair match due to injury. He should at least limp to the ring. Love Buffet has been reunited!! As usualy Kraneo Vader accompanied by Mije Yoda. Perrito Zacarias watched from the entrance way.

Fall #1: Rush spent the bulk of the fall killing Negro Casas, including kicking him over the barricade. Rush hit his stiff as dropkick on Kraneo in the corner and pinned him. Maximo pinned Niebla Roja with a powerbomb.

Fall #2: While Negro Casas destroyed Rush on the entrance ramp, Niebla Roja pinned Maximo and Kraneo pinned Marco Corelone with a chokeslam.

Fall #3: Rudos take it when Rush is caught kicking Negro Casas low for the foul.

4. Atlantis (captain), Titan & Diamante Azul vs. Rey Escorpion (captain), Ephesto & Polvora

Fall #1: Rudos take the first when Ephesto pins Titan after a DDT and Polvora submits Diamante Azul with a boston crab.

Fall #2: Titan with a plancha on Rey Escorpion. Back in the ring, Atlantis pins Ephesto and Diamanta Azul submits Polvora with a camel clutch. Atlantis going after Rey Escorpion after the fall.

Fall #3: Diamante Azul with a tope on Polvora. Titan pinned Ephesto and Atlantis submitted Rey Escorpion with Atlantida.

3. Blue Panther (captain), Guerrero Maya Jr. & Sagrado def. Bobby Zavala, Puma & Tiger (captain)

Fall #1: Nice spot when Tiger holds up Guerrero Maya Jr. and Bobby Zavala hits an elevated chest cracker. Tiger picks up him again and Puma hits an elevated back cracker. Then Tiger picks him up a third time and hits a powerbomb. Rudos take the first when Puma slams Tiger on Blue Panther and Bobby Zavala pins him.

Fall #2: Sagrado hit a tope on Tiger allowing Blue Panther to submit Puma and Guerrero Maya Jr. to submit Bobby Zavala.

Fall #3: Blue Panther with a plancha on Puma, Guerrero Maya Jr. with a tope on Bobby Zavala and back in the ring. Sagrado pinned Tiger for the win.

2. Demus 3:16, Pequeno Warrior & Pequeno Pierroth (captain) def. Astral, Electrico & Shockercito (captain)

Pequeno Pierroth, one fourth the size of full size Pierroth, ten times the worker. Does Shocker mind that his mini is a technico? With Black Warrior in AAA will Pequeno Warrior be treated like the step child?

Fall #1: Electrico and Astral went for spingboard splashes on Pequeno Pierroth and Demus 3:13, however Electrico missed and Demus 3:16 got his feet up. Demus 3:16 submitted Astral and Pequeno Pierroth submitted Electrico.

Fall #2: Technicos even it when Astral submits Pequeno Pierroth and Shockercito submits Pequeno Warrior.

Fall #3: Behind the referees back, Pequeno Warrior showed he would not be the step child, fouling Shockercito and pinning him.

1. Leono & Metalico def. Apocalipsis & Espanto Jr.

Fall #1: Rudos take the first when Apocalipsis pins Metalico with a senton and Espanto Jr. pins Leono after a spear.

Fall #2: Technicos even it when Metalico pins Espanto Jr. with a powerbomb and Leono pins Apocalipsis with a different form of powerbomb.

Fall #3: Technicos take it when Leono submits Apocalipsis and Metalico pins Espanto Jr.

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