Live results: 10/6/2013 Arena Mexico show

It has been a crazy busy week, so time to grab just a hair of relaxation with some CMLL tonight… For those following along…

Starting off with an in ring promo from Virus…

6. Mistico (captain), Mascara Dorada & Atlantis DQ Ultimo Guerrero (captain), Gran Guerrero & Euforia

Wonder of the “fraud” chants have let down yet.

Fall #1: Old school, weird triple team submission on Mistico and Mascara Dorada allow the rudos to take the first quickly.

Fall #2: After Mascara Dorada hit a rana from the ramp on Ultimo Guerrero, Atlantis hit a tope on Ultimo, Mistico and Mascara Dorada hit planchas on Euforia and Gran Guerrero. Atlantis pinned Gran Guerrero and Mistico pinned Euforia.

Fall #3: Technicos take it when Ultimo Guerrero fouls Mistico for the DQ…

5. CMLL SuperLightweight Title: Virus def. Guerrero Maya Jr.

Virus goes for his fifth defense. Going long at this point, so the last match will be four minutes long. Virus accompanied by Pequeno Olimpico, Guerrero Maya Jr. accompanied by Fuego. Betting on a title change tonight…

Fall #1: Virus submits Guerrero Maya Jr. to take the first. Virus is like the Dean Malenko of Mexico.

Fall #2: Guerrero Maya Jr. evens it up submitting Virus with the sacrifica maya and a choke.

Fall #3: Guerrero Maya Jr. hit a tope that drilled Virus into the wall. Virus got a two bringing Maya Jr. back in with an hip toss into a powwrbomb for a two. Maya Jr. with a powerslam for a two. Maya Jr. with a plancha off the top to the floor. Virus hit a rana off the apron to the floor on Maya Jr. Virus with a powerbomb for a two. Virus with an elbow off the top for a two. Virus chant. Maya Jr. with a hiptoss off the ropes and a senton for a two. Virus with a rana off the top for a two. Maya Jr. with a rana, but Virus rolls through for a two. Virus submits Maya Jr. in an EXCELLENT match!

4. Marco Corleone, La Mascara & Rush (captain) def. Dragon Rojo Jr. (captain), Vangellys & Tiger

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Marco Corleone pins Vangellys & Tiger.

Fall #2: Marco Corleone went for his windspring clothesline down the ramp, but Vangellys hit a spear through the ropes instead. Rudos took it when Dragon Rojo Jr. pinned La Mascara and Vangellys pinned Rush after what I imagine was suppose to be a northern lights suplex.

Fall #3: La Mascara hit a tope on Dragon Rojo Jr.. Technicos take it when Marco Corleone pins Tiger with a uranage and Rush pins Vangellys with a suplex and a double stomp.

3. Diamante Fuego, Triton & Sagrado (captain) def. Bobby Zavala, Misterioso Jr. Hijo del Signo & Puma (captain)

Bobby Zavala’s name is spelled wrong on his video.. love the little details…

Fall #1: Rudos took the first when Puma looked like he was going for a powerbomb on Sagrado, but Bobby Zavala gave him a back cracker instead. Then Puma hit a powerbomb and Hijo del Singo pinned Sagrado after a splash off the top.

Fall #2: Triton hit a rana off the top rope to the apron, sending Puma to the floor, then hit a moonsault off the top for good measure. Technicos even it when Fuego submitted Bobby Zavala and Sagrado submitted Hijo del Singo

Fall #3: Triton took out Hijo del Singo with a huge plancha, Fuego hit a plancha on Bobby Zavala and the technicos took it when Sagrado pinned Puma.

2. Camorra, Hooligan & Arkangel de la Muerte (captain) def. Hombre Bala Jr., Super Halcon Jr. & Stigma (captain)

Hooligan & Arkangel de la Muerte accompanied by Isis. Hooligan wearing a Gene Simmons shirt so either he’s getting free tickets to see the LA Kiss or he’s leaving Taureg to reform Los Vatos Locos…

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Hombre Bala Jr. pins Hooligan after a split legged moonsault and Super Halcon Jr. pins Arkangel de la Muerte with a rana off the top.

Fall #2: Rudos even it up with Hooligan pins Hombre Bala Jr. after a cradle DDT and Arkangel de la Muerte pins Super Halcon Jr. after a chokeslam into a backbreaker.

Fall #3: Finish saw Hooligan pin Hombre Bala Jr. with a styles clash, Super Halcon Jr. pin Hooligan with a rana, and the rudos took it when the ref was distracted by Super Halcon Jr. having Arkangel de la Muerte in an abdominal stretch, Camorra took off Stigma’s mask and rolled him up for the pin.

1. Ultimo Dragoncito & Shockercito def. Mercurio & Pequeno Olimpico

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Ultimo Dragoncito submits Pequeno Olimpico and Shockercito submits Mercurio

Fall #2: Rudos even it when Mercurio pins Shockercito after a side slam/leg drop off the top double team and Pequeno Olimpico submits Ultimo Dragoncito with a camel clutch.

Fall #3: Finish saw Shockercito submit Pequeno Olimpico, Mercurio pin Shockercito with a piledriver and the technicos take it when Ultimo Dragoncito submitted Mercurio.

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