Month – June 2013

Added a list of original XBox games

I updated the video game section to include the complete list of games for the Microsoft XBox. The Sega Dreamcast and Microsoft XBox were the consoles responsible for renewing my interest in video games. For those wondering, yes, I still have the original XBox as well, and my favorite game for it is Burnout 3: […]

Live results: 6/23/2013 CMLL Arena Coliseo show

For those following along, here is the rundown of tonight’s show… 6. Rush (captain), Titan & La Mascara def. Volador Jr. (captain), Psicosis & Mr. Aguila Titan is no longer using “Du Hast”, probably since it’s more of a rudo song. La Mascara still has the most annoying music around. Volador is wearing the Iron […]