Posted the 2013 Les Capitales de Quebec schedule

I hope you are all sitting down… TWO updates in one day… It actually happened…

Posted the 2013 schedule for Les Capitales de Quebec of the Can-Am League, as well as all the results up to this point.

I used to live in an area that had a Northeast League, then Can-Am League team, so I did get to see the Capitales quite often. I even have a hat somewhere around here. Someday, I hope to make it to Quebec to catch a game live, I just hope the Cam-Am League can survive as it’s slowly started to dwindle since I moved away, down to just five teams, with teams coming in from the American Association to offset. If worse comes to worse, maybe they’ll just get absorbed into the American Association.

In 2013, the Capitales go for their fifth consecutive Can-Am League title. In the eight years of the Can-Am League, Quebec has won the title five times. The other three teams no longer exist (Sussx Skyhawks (2008), Nashua Pride (2007), and Worcester Tornadoes (2005)).

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