Live results: 4/28/2013 CMLL Arena Mexico show

Tonight’s CMLL show from Arena Mexico… Kids Day = lots of aspirin…Looks like a good, pretty loaded show tonight…

The ringside barricades are gone and the ring apron ads are covered up.

Starting off with an in ring promo with Mistico…

6. Mistico DQ Volador Jr.

Fall #1: Brawl started on the floor and Mistico hit a plancha off the entrance way.LOUD Volador chant. Volador Jr. squashed Mistico in the first fall, pinning him with the back cracker in a pretty quick fall.

Fall #2: Volador rammed Mistico into the post and dropped him in the front row to chants of Volador. Volador tore up and untied Mistico’s mask. Mistico was booed when he came back with a rana, then cheered when he hit a plancha. Mistico evens it up pinning Volador with a sunset flip to boos. Another quick fall.

Fall #3: Mistico hit a HUGE Asai moonsault. Mistico went for a rana coming back in but was caught with a powerbomb for a two. Volador hit a second powerbomb with his feet on the ropes for two. Mistico rolled up Volador to rolled it into a chest cracker for two. Mistico backdropped Volador to the floor and hit a rana off the top to the floor. Mistico hit a rana on Volador who was in the middle of the ropes for a two. Volador hit another back cracker for two. Mistico went for La Mistica to loud boos and Volador flipped out and pulled the mask for the DQ. Volador kicked the ref down for good measure. Volador again challenged for a mask match afterwards. Mistico accepted and thanked Arena Mexico, who then booed.

5. Diamante Azul, Rush & Shocker (captain) def. Negro Casas (captain), Euforia & Niebla Roja

Fall #1: Fans really booed Rush (nothing new) and Shocker. Technicos took the first when Diamante Azul pinned Euforia with a german suplex and Rush got Niebla Roja with la lance.

Fall #2: Rudos bumped huge to get over Diamente Azul’s strength. Fans really hate Rush. Would be hilarious when the finally turn him heel if he starts getting cheered. Rudos took the second when Negro Casas submitted Shocker with the scorpion death lock/sharp shooter.

Fall #3: Rush took out Euforia and Niebla Roja with a nice looking plancha and was cheered (!!!!!). Diamante Azul followed with a plancha of his own. Shocker rolled up Negro Casas for the win. Wondering in the post match promo if Shocker had a few too many. Rush was booed again and went off.

4. Mascara Dorada, Guerrero Maya Jr. & Brazo de Plata (captain) def. Mr. Aguila Rey Bucanero (captain), Puma & Tiger

Brazo de Plata is unfortunately here Brazo de Plata accompanied by Que Monito… Actually I stand by what I first said, I was hoping Brazo de Plata would no show, instead Mr. Aguila isn’t here…

Fall #1: Rudos took the first when Brazo de Plata hit a tope on Rey Bucanero (really) and Puma slammed Tiger on Mascara Dorada and Guerrero Maya Jr. for the double pin.

Fall #2: Technicos took a quick second fall when Mascara Dorada pinned Tiger and Guerrero Maya Jr. pinned Puma with ranas.

Fall #3: Interesting third fall. Rey Bucanero slammed Brazo de Plata (making him the strongest man on earth). Puma hit a senton and went for the pin, but Bucanero pulled him off and they they went at it. Tiger broke them up, then thrust kicked Puma. Dorada came down the ramp and hit Bucanero with a rana in the ring, then followed by hitting a beautiful tornillo on Tiger on the floor. Brazo de Plata pinned Bucanero after a splash off the top rope. After the match, Bucanero trashed Puma as a relation of Felino (so someone else does remember the TRT-Peste Negra feud!!!!), Puma challenged Bucanero to a hair vs. mask match, and Bucanero & Tiger jumped him and left him laying. Rey challenged Puma to team with his father against him and Tiger with hair/masks on the line.

3. Amapola def. Estrellita (Lightning match)

Last singles match in this building (last month), Estrellita won Amapola’s hair. Assume with even booking, Amapola is getting this one..

One fall: Pretty much out of no where, Amapola pinned Estrellita with the devils wings in about seven minutes.

2. Fuego, Pegasso & Triton (captain) def. Cancerbero, Raziel & Virus (captain)

Pegasso reminded me of Elegido for a second…

Fall #1: Technicos get the first when Pegasso pins Raziel with a 450 splash and Fuego pins Cancerbero with a sunset flip.

Fall #2: Rudos even it up when Raziel pins Fuego after tieing him the ropes and hitting a triple dropkick on him, the Raziel submits Pegasso.

Fall #3: Technicos take it when Cancerbero went for a leg lock and Fuego rolled him up for the pin. Fuego went to roll up Virus who rolled through and submitted Fuego with an arm bar. Triton finished it off pinning Virus after hitting a leg drop off the top while Virus was stuck in the ropes.

1. Pequeno Nitro, Pequeno Violencia (captain) & Pequeno Warrior def. Stukita, Shockercito Electricito (captain) & Pequeno Halcon

Fall #1: Rudos take the first fall when Pequeno Nitro pins Super Halon with a chest cracker and Pequeno Warrior gets Stukita with a senton.

Fall #2: Technicos even it up when Stukita pinned Pequeno Warrior after a series of three moonsaults (bottom, middle, and top rope) while Super Halcon submitted Pequeno Nitro.

Fall #3: Electricito pinned Pequeno Nitro to eliminate him, Pequeno Violencia submitted Pequeni Halcon and Pequeno Warrior finished off Electricito with a powerbomb for the win.

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