Live results: 4/21/2013 CMLL Arena Mexico show

Shows will be from Arena Mexico for the next two weeks instead of Arena Coliseo.

Starting off with an in ring promo with Ephesto…

The Telcel commercial makes zero sense…

6. Negro Casas, Niebla Roja & Volador Jr. (captain) def. Mistico (captain), Atlantis & Blue Panther

Mask tearing time… Negro Casas accompanied by Perrito Zacharias.

Fall #1: Rudos took the first when Volador Jr. submitted Atlantis with a boston crab. Neibla Roja pinned Blue Panther with a dropkick for good measure.

Fall #2: Volador Jr. tore up Mistico’s mask, which is going to require some blurring when this airs. Technicos even it up to boos when Mistico takes out Volador Jr. with a plancha and Atlantis pins Negro Casas and Blue Panther submits Neibla Roja with a half boston crab.

Fall #3: Volador Jr. starting the fall untieing Mistico’s mask. Mistico hit a nice rana off the ropes to the floor on Volador Jr.. Mistico went for la Mistica, Volador Jr. popped out and when the ref turned his back, Volador Jr. pulled Mistico’s mask off and rolled him up for the win. Mistico challenged for the mask afterwards. Guess if they didn’t get with original Mistico, why not try it again with Nueva Era…

5. Hijo del Fantasma, Rush & Shocker (captain) def. Dragon Rojo Jr., Ephesto & Mephisto (captain)

Fall #1: Rudos take the first when Hijo del Fantasma takes out Dragon Rojo Jr. with a tope, Ephesto pins Rush with a shoulder breaker and Mephisto pins Shocker with the Devils Wings.

Fall #2: Technicos even things up when Hijo del Fantasma pins Mephisto with a wind sprint clothesline from the ramp.

Fall #3: Rush hatred kicked up in this fall. Ephesto took out Hijo del Fantasma with a tope while Shocker rolled up Dragon Rojo Jr. and Rush pinned Mephisto after la lance. After the match, Shocker & Hijo del Fantasma danced, Rush was gone.

4. Valiente def. Polvora (Lightning match)

One fall: At one point Polvora hit a plancha, then introduced Valiente to the barricade. Valiente hit a springboard into an arm drag on Polvora, then hit two topes. At about seven minutes, Valiente went for the mask and got kicked in the face. Polvora picked up Valiente for what could’ve been a chest breaker, but the ref pulled Valiente down a but, allowing him to his his check cracker for the pin. Polvora challenged for a mask match.

3. Fuego, Metalico & Triton (captain) def. Shigeo Okumura, Puma & Virus (captain)

Triton’s “Du Hast” doesn’t make good technico music. Worked MUCH better when Shigeo Okumura used it in the past. Doesn’t feel the same seeing Metalico without Hijo del Singo after the past few weeks.

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Metalico rolls up Virus for the pin.

Fall #2: Early on, Puma took out Triton by giving him a giant swing into the barricade. Rudos even it up when Virus submits Metalico. For the hell of it, Okumura pinned Triton with a brainbuster.

Fall #3: Kind of quick fall with Metalico taking out Virus with a tope allowing Triton to roll up and pin Puma for the win. Fuego submitted Okumura as a tack on.

2. Diamante (captain), Starman & Stigma def. Arkangel de la Muerte, Nitro (captain) & Skandalo

Tuareg (Arkangel de la Muerte, Nitro & Skandalo) accompanied by Isis.

Fall #1: Rudos took the first when Skandalo pinned Stigma with a Skandalo Driver and Arkangel de la Muerte pinned Stigma after Nitro hit a dropkick to the tail bone.

Fall #2: Technicos even it when Diamante submits Nitro with a head scissors arm bar.

Fall #3: Stigma hit a nice monkey flip on Arkangel de la Muerte on the floor. I’m sure that bump felt great. Technicos took it when Stigma submitted Skandalo with a half boston crab and Starman submitted Arkangel de la Muerte with an abdominal stretch… or Tuareg was disqualified while during that, Nitro plowed the ref running from Diamante..

1. Camorra & Zayco def. Oro Jr. & Magnus

Need to verify since I can’t remember if I have this right, but I believe Magnus is the cousin of the original Mistico, now WWE Sin Cara…

Fall #1: I know it’s early, but this place is empty. Technicos take the first when Magnus submits Camorra with an arm bar and Oro Jr. submits Zayco with an arm bar while standing on his back.

Fall #2: Submission night continues with Zayco submitting Oro Jr. and Zayco submitting Magnus to even things up.

Fall #3: Rudos take the first when Zayco pins Oro Jr. after an elbow off the top and Camorra submits Magnus with an arm bar.

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