Live results: 3/31/2013 CMLL Arena Coliseo show

Starting out with an in ring promo with Blue Panther. The two ring girls ages combined don’t reach his…

Olimpico out for a promo with Averno & Dragon Rojo Jr., so I assume Polvora is not here… Fifth match starting at 6:35 pm, so we’re going to have quick falls in one of these final matches…

6. Mistico (captain), Diamante Azul & Valiente def. Volador Jr. (captain), Euforia & Niebla Rosa

Fall #1: Rudos took the first when Volador Jr. pinned Diamante Blue Demon Jr. Azul after a thrust kick in the corner and Euforia pinned Valiente after a powerbomb.

Fall #2: First fall started with Volador Jr. & Euforia press slamming Mistico onto Niebla Rosa’s outstretched legs on the ramp. Technicos even it when Mistico takes out Volador Jr, with a plancha. Diamante Azul kills pins Neibla Rosa after a german suplex and Valiente hits his chestbreaker and pins Euforia.

Fall #3: Fans REALLY booed the hell out of Mistico on this fall, siding with Volador Jr. Finish saw Mistico had a rana off the top to the floor on Euforia. Valiente hit the triple jump moonsault on Neibla Rosa. Diamante Azul hit a tope on Euforia, and back in the ring Mistico hit La Mistica on Volador Jr. for the submission victory. I think this is the first time he’s used La Mistica, a move they said he would not be using to separate him from the original Mistico.

5. La Sombra (captain), Blue Panther & Brazo de Plata def. Averno, Dragon Rojo Jr. (captain) & Polvora Olimpico

Brazo de Plata = fatter Dalis. Olimpico is just ghostly white and kind of creepy looking. Mije is out with the rudos for some reason.

Fall #1: No sooner do I mention quick falls when the technicos take the first in like 30 seconds… La Sombra takes out Dragon Rojo Jr. with a tope while Blue Panther submits Averno and Brazo de Plata sits on Olimpico for the pin.

Fall #2: Rudos even it up almost as quick when Olimpico submits Blue Panther and Averno pins Brazo de Plata after a slam.

Fall #3: La Sombra went for a springboard elbow, but was caught in the back with a dropkick by Dragon Rojo Jr.. When Rojo Jr. went to pick him up, Sombra rolled him up for the pin. After the match, Sombra challenged Rojo Jr. for his title. Rojo Jr. wasn’t interested. Sombra challenged him to a mask match and Rojo Jr. showed less interest by just walking off…

4. Hijo del Fantasma DREW Tiger (Lightning match)

One Fall: 10 loooooooong boring minutes. Both hit planchas, Tiger’s being a tornilla that woke a few people up. Otherwise, no one would’ve missed this…

3. Amapola (captain), La Comandante & Tiffany def. Estrellita (captain), Dalis la Caribena & Luna Magica

Dalis = horrible.. Amapola is still pretty bald…

Fall #1: Rudas took the first when La Comandante pinned Luna Magica after a splach off the top and Tiffany submitted Dalis.

Fall #2: Technicos take the second when Luna Magica submits Tiffany and Comandante (from a Dalis plancha) & Amapola (from an Estrellita plancha) are counted out.

Fall #3: Dalis was worse than normal here. The ring girls are probably better workers at this point. Finish saw Amapola finish off Estrellita with the devils wings for the win.

2. Hijo del Singo (captain), Hooligan & Nosferatu def. Soberano Jr., Metalico (captain) & Sensei

Fall #1: Technicos rake the first when Sensei kicks Hooligan into the ropes and Soberano Jr. hits a moonsault for the pin and Sensei rolls up Nosferatu and submits him with a leg lock.

Fall #2: While Hijo del Singo and Metalico brawled on the floor, the rudos evened it up when Skandalo submitted Sensei with a leg lock and Nosferatu pinned Soberano Jr. after a spear.

Fall #3: Sensei rolled up Skandalo, but Skandalo grabbed his shoulders so both men were down and they were both eliminated. Soberano Jr. took out Nosferatu with a tope. Skandalo went to get back into the ring, distracted the ref, and Hijo del Singo hit a foul on Metalico for the pin.

1. Bengala & Leono def. Apocalipsis & Inquisidor

New look for Leono… looks a lot like Carlos from YTV now.

Fall #1: Rudos took the first when Inquisidor submitted Bengala with a scorpion deathlock and Apocalipsis submitted Leono.

Fall #2: Technicos even it up when Leono submits Apocalipsis with a leg lock and Bengala pins Inquisidor.

Fall #3: Hell fans woke up here. Technicos take it when Bengala pinned Apocalipsis after a rana and Leono submitted Inquisidor with a scorpion deathlock and arm bar combo.


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