Live results: 3/17/2013 CMLL Arena Mexico show

Sorry,a little late and missed the first one…

The show is at Arena Mexico instead of Arena Coliseo this week, most likely because of Dos Leyendas 2013. In the next day or two, I will try and post the results to that and last weeks show that I missed.   :)


Tonight’s show:

6. Mistico (captain), La Sombra & Marco Corleone DQ Ultimo Guerrero, Volador Jr. (captain) & Euforia

Time to see if Nuevo Mistico is going to be lead technico or fall back into the pack. Personally, I think it bombed because instead of just debuting him with the new gimmick, they spent so much time letting everyone know he was Dragon Lee in a new packaging.

Fall #1: Volador Jr. threw La Sombra into the crowd and high fived some fans. Rudos took the first when Ultimo Guerrero pressed Mistico and dropped him on Euforia’s knee for the pin. Looks like this experiment is just about over…

Fall #2: Technicos even it up in a quick fall when Sombra takes out Volador Jr. with a tope. Corleone pins Euforia with a springboard clothesline and Mistico submits Guerrero with an arm bar.

Fall #3: Kind of a dead finish. Corleone hit a clothesline to the floor on Ultimo Guerrero. Mistico hit a rana on Euforia from the top rope to the floor. Sombra rolled up Volador Jr. twice for two counts when Volador threw down the ref and fouled Sombra for the DQ. Volador stomped the ref for good measure… Sombra challenged Voldaor Jr. to a mask match afterwards…

5. La Mascara (captain), Diamante Azul & Angel de Oro def. Averno (captain), Misterioso Jr. & Tiger Kraneo

I enjoy watching Averno so much more after he lost his mask. His facials and the attitude he gives off are just incredible. Kraneo is accompanied by Mije. I thought Blue Demon Jr. was at tonight’s AAA Rey de Reyes show… oh wait, that’s Diamante Azul…

Fall #1: Averno took the time to undo La Mascara’s mask. Rudos took the first when Misterioso Jr. pinned Angel de Oro with a belly to belly suplex and Kraneo pinned Diamante Azul after a Mije splash.

Fall #2: After Angel de Oro & Diamante Azul tok out Misterioso Jr. & Kraneo with topes, La Mascara submitted Averno with the campana.

Fall #3: Mije was hit with a Kraneo legdrop and carried out by security while holding his chest. Technicos took it when Angel de Oro hit Averno with an Asai moonsault, and La Mascara pinned Misterioso Jr. with a sunset flip and Diamante Azul rolled up Kraneo.

4. Fuego def. Sangre Azteca (Lightning match)

Arena Mexico means the clock on the video wall…

One fall: I was going to comment that Fuego has been wearing his shoulder brace for so long, it’s almost a part of his look now… then Sangre tore it off him. Fuego rolled up Sangre at about the 7:20 mark.

Between these matches, a video promo aired for Friday’s Arena Mexico show and the Mexico City debut of Thunder…

3. Diamante, Metallico & Triton (captain) def. Hijo del Singo (captain), Nitro & Skandalo

Skandalo & Nitro accompanied by Isis.

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Triton kicks Skandalo into the ropes and pins him after a leg drop off the top. Diamante took out Nitro with a tope and Metallico submitted Hijo del Singo

Fall #2: Rudos even it up when Hijo del Singo pins Metallico with a splash off the top and Skandalo pins Triton with the Skandalo Driver.

Fall #3: Metallico and Hijo del Singo took turns going after each others mask. Technicos take it when after Metallico takes out Hijo del Singo with a tope, Diamante pins Skandalo after a dropkick to the crotch in the corner. Nitro evens it up, pinning Diamante with a powerbomb. Triton takes out Nitro with an Asai moonsault and Metallico submits Hijo del Singo with an arm bar.

2. Bobby Zavala, Disturbio & Hooligan (captain) def. Hombre Bala Jr. (captain), Magnus & Super Halcon Jr.

Fall #1: Technicos take the first fall after Hombre Bala Jr. gets Hooligan with a split legged moonsault.

Fall #2: Rudos even it up after Bobby Zavala hits a dropkick to the base of Hombre Bala Jr.’s sine and pins him.

Fall #3: Rudos take it when super Halcon Jr. & Magnus take out Bobby Zavala & Disturbio, leaving Hooligan to finish off Hombre Bala Jr. with a styles clash for the win.

1. Leono & Camaleon vs. Espanto Jr. & Herodes Jr.

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