CMLL Live results: 12/8/2013 Arena Mexico show

Here is a rundown of tonight’s show for those wanting to follow the results…

Staring off with an in ring promo from Euforia…

6. Volador Jr. (captain), Rush & Maximo DQ Negro Casas, Mr. Niebla (captain) & Felino

Volador Jr.’s first Sunday show as a technico and more Peste Negra. Mr. Niebla makes one scary ass Santa Claus. Peste Negra accompanied by Perrito Zacarias. Maximo accompanied by Que Monito. Rush still has “Chris Benoit’s” music. Here come the internet complaints. Volador Jr. in the Captain America gear.

Fall #1: Mr. Niebla Claus leg dropped Que Monito. Sometimes the holidays can be rough. Rudos took the first when Felino pinned Rush after an elbow off the middle rope, then pinned Volador Jr.

Fall #2: Technicos took a quick one when Rush pinned Felino after a side salto suplex and a double stomp and Maximo pinned Mr. Niebla with a small package.

Fall #3: I guess Maximo has a Santa fetish. It’s not pretty. Rush gave a nice stiff kick to Zacarias. Felino with a plancha on Rush and Maximo with a high cross body off the apron on Mr. Niebla. Volador Jr. with for a casita and Negro Casas fouled him for the DQ. Negro Casas taunted Volador Jr. after the match, so are they dropping the Negro Casas/Rush feud cold and putting Volador Jr. in the spot? Rush is back to overusing the word dog in his promos.

5. Mascara Dorada (captain), Valiente & Thunder def. Averno (captain), Tama Tonga & Euforia

I don’t feel like i’ve watch a show until I say something negative about Thunder. Crap promos, worse work. If he is on the show next week, I will say one nice thing (here is to hoping he’s booked else where)…

Fall #1: Rudos took the first when Averno hit the Devil’s wings on Mascara Dorada and Euforia pinned him with a splash off the top. Tama Tonga hit a DDT and choked Valiente for good measure.

Fall #2: Euforia hip tossed Mascara Dorada over the top on to the ramp. Mascara Dorada came down the ramp with a rana to send Averno to the floor, then followed with a tope. Valiente submitted Tama Tonga and Thunder pinned Euforia with a jackhammer.

Fall #3: Tama Tonga went to throw Valiente up into Euforia, but Valiente fell on him. Valiente hit a tope on Euforia. Valiente pulled Tama Tonga to the flor on a plancha attempt and Thunder hit a plancha on Euforia and Tama Tonga. Mascara Dorada pinned Averno with a rana to take it.

4. Diamante Azul def. Dragon Rojo Jr. (Lightning match)

Let’s wish Dragon Rojo Jr.’s neck luck..

One fall: Diamante Azul hit a tope around the two minute mark. Diamante Azul caught Dragon Rojo Jr. in a high cross body for a side slam around 3:45. Dragon Rojo Jr. hit a plancha around 4:30. Dragon Rojo Jr. missed a double stomp off the top, but still got a powerbomb off a Diamante Azul rana attempt for a two. Rojo Jr. with a double stomp off the second rope for a two. Diamante Azul takes it with his german suplex. Someone elses music then plays…

3. Blue Panther (captain), Sagrado & Angel de Oro Fuego def. Namajague, Misterioso Jr. (captain) & Puma

Figuring Namajague’s time here must be done soon. No face paint and he’s growing the blonde out of his hair.

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Sagrado pinned Misterioso Jr. with a sunset flip.

Fall #2: Rudos take the second when Namajague pins Blue Panther with a frog splash after a double suplex from Misterioso Jr. & Puma

Fall #3: Technicos take it when Fuego pins Namajague, Sagrado hits a tope on Misterioso Jr., and Blue Panther submits Puma.

2. Bobby Zavala, Hooligan & Sangre Azteca (captain) def. Pegasso, Starman Sensei (captain) & Stigma

Anyone know where Camorra is tonight? Semsei replacing Starman. Sensei wearing all black. hhhmmmmm… just means he has two sets of gear…

Fall #1: Rudos take the first when Bobby Zavala pins Stigma after a splash off the top, then pins Pegasso after Sangre Azteca delivers the dropkick to the tailbone off the top.

Fall #2: Technicos even it when Sensei submits Sangre Azteca.

Fall #3: Countdown to Camorra… Rudos take it when Sensei goes for a high cross body off the top on Sangre Azteca, but is caught with a dropkick and pinned..

1. Herodes Jr. & Zayco def. Oro Jr. & Metatron

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Oro Jr. pins Herodes Jr. with a moonsault body block and Metatron pins Zayco.

Fall #2: Herodes Jr. hit a knee strike on Oro Jr. from the ring apron as he walked up. Rudos even it when Herodes Jr. submits Oro Jr. and Zayco pins Metatron with a backwards elbow off the top. I saw backwards since he came down head to head, which when someone did that to me once, tore open my chin, to which I still can enjoy the scar as a memory.  :)

Fall #3: Rudos take it when Zayco submits Oro Jr. and Herodes Jr. pins Metatron.

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