Live results: 1/27/2013 CMLL Arena Coliseo show

Show starting off with in ring promo from Angel de Oro, Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr.

6. Mascara Dorada, Shocker (captain) & Valiente def. Dragon Rojo Jr. (captain), Rey Escorpion & Polvora

Valiente doesn’t look agile, but this is one of those cases where looks are deceiving..

Fall #1: Finish saw Dragon Rojo Jr. hold Shocker in a backbreaker for a Rey Escorpion leg drop. Polvora pinned Shocker with a frog splash.

Fall #2: Finish saw Mascara Dorada pin Rey Escorpion with a rana off the top, while Shocker submitted Dragon Rojo Jr. with a backbreaker. Valiente chased Polvora.

Fall #3: Valiente show. Valiente hit a PERFECT triple jump moonsault to the floor on Polvora. Shocker flipped Rey Escorpion to the floor, where Mascara Dorada hit him with a moonsault. Back in the ring, Valiente pinned both Polvora, then Dragon Rojo Jr. his chest cracker finisher. After the match, Valiente and Polvora threw challenges back and forth.

5. Angel de Oro, Delta (captain) & Guerrero Maya Jr. def. Averno, Black Warrior & Negro Casas (captain)

Personally, I am liking the team of Averno, Black Warrior & Negro Casas!! They changed Black Warrior’s music. Negro Casas accompanied by Zacarias.

Fall #1: Finish saw Guerrero Maya Jr. hit a moonsault to the floor on Black Warrior. Angel de Oro hiptossed Averno to the floor where Maya Jr. hit a tope into an arm drag on the floor. Back in the ring Negro Casas went for his casita, but Delta slipped out and pinned Negro Casas with one of his own.

Fall #2: Finish saw Negro Casas win the battle of the casitas, pinning Delta. Rudo beatdown went on after the fall ended.

Fall #3: Third fall went about ten seconds when Black Warrior was DQ’ed for taking Guerrero Maya Jr’s mask. Rudo beatdown continued with Negro Casas taking Angel de Oro’s mask and Averno taking Delta’s. That took longer to type than watch.

4. Dark Angel def. Princess Blanca (Lightning match)

1 fall match: Finish saw Blanca go for a Michinoku Driver, but Dark Angel turned it into a DDT and submitted her with a backbreaker. I guess I jinxed the rudos.

3. Arkangel de la Muerte (captain), Hooligan & Skandalo def. Pegasso (captain), Starman & Stigma

Pegasso is here!!! Rudos accompanied by Isis.. The new sponsor, Cemente Fortaleza also got their logo on the fall cards.

Fall #1: Finish saw Pegasso roll up Hooligan and a few minutes later, Stigma submitted Arkangel de la Muerte with a half boston crab.

Fall #2: Finish saw Hooligan pin Stigma with a styles clash, while Arkangel de la Muerte submitted Starman with a leg lock while standing on his back.

Fall #3: Finish saw Stigma and Starman take out Hooligan and Skandalo respectively with topes, while back in the ring Arkangel de la Muerte pinned Pegasso with a powerbomb. Night of the rudos as they took the first three.

2. Demus 3:16 (captain), Pequeno Violencia & Pequeno Warrior def. Electrico Acero, Fantasy & Shockercito (captain)

Fall #1: Finish saw Demus 3:16 destroy Shockercito with a backbreaker, then pinned him after a giant swing that ended with a Pequeno Warrior dropkick.

Fall #2: During the fall, nice triple team crucifix powerbomb by the rudo team on Fantasy. At one point, Demus 3:16 took a rana on the floor ending with him going face first into the hard wooden seats. Finish saw Shockercito submit Pequeno Violencia with a backbreaker, while Fantasy submitted Pequeno Warrior with a leg lock.

Fall #3: Finish saw Pequeno Violencia powerbomb Fantasy, setting him up for a Demus splash from the top, then Violencia pinned Acero after a death valley driver.

1. Guerrero Negro Jr. & Inquisidor def. Genesis & Oro Jr.

Fall #1: Finish saw Inquisidor pin Oro Jr. with what was essentially a chest cracker, while Guerrero Negro Jr. pinned Genesis with a powerbomb.

Fall #2: Finish saw Genesis submit Inquisidor with a half boston crab, while Oro Jr. pinned Guerrero Negro Jr. with a moonsault body block… The few vocal fans boo’ed the finished since the technicos won…

Fall #3: Technicos blew a few spots, which only added to the boos. Finish saw Inquidisdor with a bearhug on Oro Jr. and Guerrero Negro Jr. hit hit with teh back cracker for the pin. Oro Jr. was legit knocked out. Scary since if he is the legit son of Oro, this is the building Oro died in back in 1992. Inquisidor won it pinning Genesis.

Post match promo was kind of pointless since without a mouth hole in his mask, you couldn’t understand Inquisidor.

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