Live results: 1/20/2013 CMLL Arena Coliseo show

My nachos, some salsa, avacado, fruit soda, and show starting off with an in ring promo with the technico side of the main event… Arena is pretty full… There is a woman on the lower level that looks like Honey Boo Boo’s mother… Show is a little weak up top since CMLL is also running Arena Mexico tonight and because a portion of the regulars are coming back from Japan and the NJPW FantasticaMania tour.

6. Shocker (captain), Valiente & … sigh… Brazo de Plata def. Negro Casas, Mr. Niebla (captain) & Polvora

Wish me luck and hope for three of the quickest falls in history. Countdown to Niebla’s spit spot has begun. Someday I am expecting Plata to climb the ropes and the entire ring tip over from the weight. Zacarias was with the rudos. In past weeks, i’ve called him Perrito in error, which was his original name.

Fall #1: Niebla did his spit spot in the first fall, so we have nothing to look forward to. Niebla also did the Undertaker walking the ropes spot but crotched himself. I got up and missed the finish of this fall, but the technico side won.

Fall #2: Niebla pinned Shocker after a splash off the top.

Fall #3: Valiente took out Polvora with a plancha (missing the ramp, but squashing someone in the crowd. Plata splashed Niebla and Zacarias for the win. IT’S OVER !!!

5. Blue Panther (captain), Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. def. Averno (captain), Ephesto & Puma King

If I was smart, i’d call it a night after this one…

Fall #1: Finish saw Blue Panther submit Averno with a double hook arm bar. Strangely enough, Blue Panther still has some go at 120 years old.

Fall #2: Blue Panther went for the same finisher, the rudos ran in to break it up. Puma submitted Delta with a reverse figure four leg lock, while Averno hit the Devils Wings on Guerrero Maya Jr. and Ephesto pinned him.

Fall #3: Finish saw Panther hiptoss Averno to the floor and hit a tope. Back in the ring, Delta submitted Ephesto with a crossface, while Guerrero Maya Jr. submitted Puma King with an abdominal stretch.

4. Hijo del Fantasma (captain), Sagrado & Triton def. Sangre Azteca, Cancerbero (captain) & Raziel

Doesn’t look good for Sangre Azteca, who last week sided with Skandalo when he was turned on by Virus. We’ll see how good memories are..

Fall #1: Rudos took the first when Cancerbero slammed Raziel on Hijo del Fantasma for the pin.

Fall #2: Triton eliminated Sangre with a plancha. Fantasma pinned Raziel with a DDT, while Sagrado submitted Cancerbero with an underhook something i’ve never seen before.

Fall #3: Between falls, the rudos jumped the technicos, and Cancerbero accidentally took out Sangre. Once again, doesn’t look good for Sangre tonight… and in the end, nothing happened. Finish  Sangre took out Triton with a frog splash to the floor, while Fantasma pinned Raziel with a powerbomb and Sagrado pinned Cancerbero with Averno’s Devils Wings.

3. Hijo del Singo def. Hombre Bala Jr. (Lightning match)

Hombre Bala Jr. flipped off his ring jacket, which got caught on the balcony. 3rd and 4th matches looked to have changed position.

Bala Jr. at one point hit a double knee to the back of Singo when he was leaning over the ropes, then after a flip on the apron, hits a nice splash on the floor. Bala Jr also hit a nice chest cracker, followed by tornillo plancha to the floor around the five minute mark. Match was pretty much all Hombra Bala Jr. which usually means…. Hijo del Singo submits Bala Jr. with a leg lock for the win in about six minutes.

2. Bobby Zavala (captain), Disturbio & Nosferatu def. Magnus, Molotov (captain) & Super Halcon Jr.

Fall #1: Finish saw Nosferatu pin Super Halcon Jr. with a powerpomb, then after a Zavala/Disturbio double team, Zavala finished off Magnus with a dropkick.

Fall #2: Prior to the finish, Disturbio threw Super Halcon Jr. over the top, who took a sick bump onto his back on the hard floor. Finish saw Magnus submitted Disturbio with an armbar while Molotov submitted Nosferato was submitted with a leg lock.

Fall #3: Super Halcon Jr. back in the ring, which is a miracle after than bump. Finish saw Molotov defeat Disturbio with a Russian leg sweep into arm bar submission. Nosferatu pinned Magnus with a powerbomb. Then Nosferatu tripped Molotov as he came off the ropes and Bobby Zavala rolled him up for the win.

1. Camaleon & Robin def. Camorra & Espanto Jr.

Fall 1: Robin pinned Espanto Jr. after a senton bomb and Camaleon pinned Camorra after dropping him on his ass. I need a class in lucha finishers 101. I MIGHT have this backwards as the update didn’t go up, was logged out, and it didn’t save.

Fall #2: Espanto Jr. pinned Robin after a leg drop between the legs and Camorra submitted Camaleon

Fall #3: Camaleon pinned Camorra with the doctor bomb while Robin pinned Espanto Jr. with a rana off the rope followed by a standing moonsault.

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