CMLL live results: 8/10/2014 Arena Mexico

I am still on the DL, coming up on the 60 day DL, but hoping to catch the bulk of this show…

Starting out with an in ring promo from Metalico… After the mask match, a commercial for the Anniversary 81 show aired, showing the past 10 or so mask/hair losers. They did show Black Warrior unmask, but didn’t show Mistico.   :)

Crowd has HEAVILY booed everything technico all night. They even booed the fan interview segment they do before the main event.

6. Ultimo Guerrero (captain), Rey Escorion & Euforia def. Volador Jr., Rush (captain) & Maximo Diamante Azul

How can Rush be the captain of the technico team is he is neither technico nor rudo?

Fall #1: Rudos take the first when Rey Escorpion pins Volador Jr. and Euforia pins Diamante Azul.

Fall #2: Technicos even it quick when Volador Jr. pins Euforia and Diamante Azul submits Rey Escorpion.

Fall #3: Volador Jr. and Diamante Azul with topes on Euforia and Rey Escorpion respectively and in the most pointless finish in awhile, Ultimo Guerrero pinned Rush with his feet in the ropes. Makes sense to push Guerrero going into the Anniversary main event, makes no sense beating Rush at the start of this push. After the finish, Volador Jr. and Diamante Azul disrespected Rush as well.

5. Mascara Dorada (captain), Stuka Jr. & Valiente def. Negro Casas, Mr. Niebla (captain) & Felino

Peste Negra accompanied by Perrito Zacarias. Technicos accompanied by Que Monito.

Fall #1: Technicos take the first on a excessive violence DQ call.

Fall #2: Stuka Jr. with a plancha on Mr. Niebla. Mascara Dorada submitted Felino and Valiente pinned Negro Casas with a casita. Crowd dumping on the technicos. Valiente seems to dislike Tigre Hispano. Mascara Dorada wants a title shot.

4. Oro Jr. def. Metalico (Mask match)

Probably putting my money on Oro Jr.. Metalico seconded by Misterioso Jr. and Oro Jr. seconded by Plata.

Fall #1: Metalico submits Oro Jr. in a quick first fall. If this was a main event title match, the next fall would be half as long and the third go 30 minutes…

Fall #2: Oro Jr. pins Metalico in a quick one after two suplexes and a fireman’s carry. See you in 30 minutes I guess…

Fall #3: Oro Jr. submitted Metalico to win his mask. Metalico unmasked as Salvador Munguia, 44 years old, 22 years as a luchador. Crowd hating the result.

3. Blue Panther (captain), Rey Cometa & Brazo de Plata DQ Ephisto, Mephisto (captain) & Hombre Sin Nombre

First Dalys & Skadi, then Pierroth, now Brazo de Plata. Sigh… El Hijo del Aver… no more…

Fall #1: Rey Cometa pinned Mephisto with a sunset flip.

Fall #2: Hombre Sin Nombre pinned Brazo de Plata after a frog splash, then Rey Cometa after a triple team powerbomb.

Fall #3: Rey Cometa with a tope on Mephisto. Brazo de Plata with a splash on Hombre Sin Nombre and Ephisto. Hombre Sin Nombre popped up and fouled Blue Panther instead.

2. Misterioso Jr. & Pierroth (captain) & Sagrado def. Delta (captain), Guerrero Maya Jr. & Angel de Oro

Bleh, Pierroth… So if Sagrado is now a rudo, shouldn’t the cross on his mask be upside down?

Fall #1: Rudos took the first while I was away for a second.

Fall #2: Delta pinned Pierroth after a moonsault to even it up.

Fall #3: Misterioso Jr. pinned Guerrero Maya Jr. with a Gory Driver, while he celebrated Delta ran in and rolled up Misterioso Jr.. Sagrado pinned Angel de Oro to take it.

1. Amapola (captain), Dalys & Tiffany def. Dark Angel, Princesa Sugehit (captain) & Skadi

Fall #1: At one point, Princesa Sugehit was trying to kick Tiffany’s implants for a field goal. Amapola turned a Dark Angel attempt at a Rocker Dropper into a sitdown powerbomb in a very nice spot. Princesa Sugehit submitted Amapola and Skadi submitted Dalys with a leg lock after a powerbomb

Fall #2: Rudas even it when Tiffany submits Dark Angel and Dalys pins Skadi after what I think was suppose to be a senton off the top.

Fall #3: Dalys and Skadi are making me reevaluate my desire to continue living. Dark Angel with a tope on Tiffany. Dalys pinned Princes Sugehit with a double underhook suplex.

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