CMLL results: 6/8/2014 Arena Coliseo

Wanted to let everyone know i’ll be skipping tonight’s show since it’s not one that seems like it’s worth going out of your way for. This is what is scheduled:

6. Atlantis, Maximo & Rush vs. Negro Casas, Rey Escorpion & Felino

Will Rush screw his team out of a win or will he be too busy with Negro Casas?

5. Blue Panther, Fuego & La Mascara vs. Virus, Niebla Roja & Pierroth

Will La Mascara screw his team out of a win? Virus is awesome to watch.

4. Valiente vs. Vangellys (Lightning match)

3. Triton, Sagrado & Oro Jr. vs. Puma, Skandalo & Metalico

The Oro Jr.-Metalico feud continues

2. Bam Bam, Fantasy & Angelito vs. Pequeno Warrior, Pequeno Olimpico & Pequeno Universo

Will Bam Bam appear several weeks in a row??

1. Sensei & Molotov vs. Zayko & Rebelde

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