CMLL live results: 4/6/2014 Arena Coliseo – 71st Anniversary show

Not to show a bias, but the 71st anniversary show for Arena Coliseo… kind of puts someone else 30th anniversary of a show in perspective..

For those following along, a rundown of tonight’s show..

Starting off with a promo with Pierrothito…

5. Pequeno Halcon L Electrico, Astral, Stukita, Ultimo Dragoncito, Acero, Fantasy, Pequeno Olimpico, Pequeno Nitro, Pierrothito (Mask match in a cage)

The last cage that was used in Arena Coliseo… June 2006… Unlike AAA at Rey de Reyes, they got the cage up in 8 minutes… My pick is Pequeno Halcon…

Rundown: Acero was the first to escape. Stukita went to do his three moonsaults on Pequeno Olimpico, but on the third, escaped the cage instead. Fantasy escaped, climbing over Astral. Ultimo Dragoncito was next out. Electrico powerbombs Pequeno Olimpico off the top as he tried to escape. Pequeno Nitro escaped on his second attempt after falling back in. Pierrothito tied Astral to the ropes. Pequeno Olimpico escaped. Astral, Electrico, and Pequeno Halcon with two triple dropkicks on Pierrothito, but on the third they hit Pequeno Halcon instead. Electrico escaped. Astral and Pierrothito went to escape, but Pierrothito knocked Astral back in. On the other side, Pequeno Halcon escaped. Pequeno Halcon was bought back in for the one on one with Astral. Astral rolled up Pequeno Halcon for a two. Pequeno Halcon tore up Astral’s mask. Astral returns the favor. Astral with a leg lock, but Pequeno Halcon makes the ropes. Astral with a moonsault, but Pequeno Halcon gets the feet up. Astral pins Pequeno Halcon to win his mask. Pequeno Halcon unmasks as Rogelio Espinoza Lopez.

4. Atlantis def. Mr. Niebla

Mr. Niebla accompanied by Perrito Zacarias.

Fall #1: Commando Niebla jumps Atlantis on his way to the ring and uses the trash can. Mr. Niebla using this as his tribute to David Schultz and John Stossel the way he’s smacking Atlantis around. Atlantis with two dropkicks and he rolls up Mr. Niebla to take the first.

Fall #2: Atlantis missed a dropkick off the top rope and Mr. Niebla hit his splash off the top to win a quick fall.

Fall #3: Atlantis hits a tope on Mr. Niebla. Mr. Niebla with a high cross body, but Atlantis rolls through for a two. Mr. Niebla with a roll up in the ropes for a two, then a powebomb using the ropes for a two. Atlantis dropkicks Mr. Niebla off the corner to the floor and hits a high cross body off the top to the floor. Atlantis with a superplex for two. Atlantis pins Mr. Niebla with a rana.

3. Averno (captain), Mephisto Dragon Rojo Jr. & Ephesto def. Mistico (captain), Valiente & La Sombra

Fall #1: Mistico hit Averno with a rana on the floor after going over the top rope, which allowed Ephesto to pin La Sombra after a back breaker and Dragon Rojo Jr. to roll up Valiente.

Fall #2: Mistico takes out Averno with a plancha, allowing La Sombra to pin Ephesto with a split legged moonsault and Valiente submit Dragon Rojo Jr.. The odds of a finish between Mistico, Averno, and Mistico’s mask go up dramatically at this point…

Fall #3: At one point, Mistico with a rana off the second rope to the floor on Averno. Valiente with a tope on Dragon Rojo Jr.. Mistico with a plancha on Ephesto. La Sombra with an Asai moonsault on Averno. La Sombra with the double knee strike in the corner on Dragon Rojo Jr.. Valiente hits his triple jump moonsault to the floor on Ephesto. La Sombra with a plancha on Dragon Rojo Jr.. Mistico goes for La Mistica on Averno, but Averno drops him and pins him clean with the Devil’s wings.

2. Blue Panther, Maximo (captain) & Brazo de Plata DQ Rey Bucanero, Rey Escorpion (captain) & Terrible

Terrible accompanied by La Commendante…

Fall #1: Rey Escorpion with a beatdown on Maximo, submitting him with a scorpion to take the first.

Fall #2: Maximo with a tope on Rey Escorpion allows Brazo de Plata to pin Rey Bucanero after sitting on him and Blue Panther to submit Terrible with an arm lock. After all that beating, Maximo was still happy to kiss Rey Esocpion.

Fall #3: Rey Bucanero submitted Blue Panther. Brazo de Plata hit a plancha off the apron on Terrible. Maximo pinned Rey Bucanero after the kiss. Terrible tripped Maximo coming off the ropes and the rudos were given the excessive violence disqualification. Maximo wants a hair match with Rey Escorpion…

1. Arkangel de la Muerte, Tiger (captain) & Cavenario def. Fuego Stuka Jr. (captain), Rey Cometa & Sagrado

Arkangel de la Muerte accompanied by Isis.

Fall #1: Rey Cometa hits a rana off the ring apron on to Tiger. Back in the ring, Stuka Jr. pins Arkangel de la Muerte with a sunset flip and Sagrado pins Cavenario.

Fall #2: Isis interfered early on, grabbing Stuka Jr.’s ankle. Rudos even it when Arkangel de la Muerte pinned Sagrado after a forearm to the junk off the middle rope (too close for the dropkick) and Tiger submitted Stuka Jr. with a leg lock.

Fall #3: Odd sell of the night was Sagrado taking a back bump from a Tiger kick in the ass. Isis tripped Stuka Jr. again and pulled him to the floor. Tiger went for a baseball slide to the floor, but Stuka Jr. got away and he took out Isis. Rey Cometa and Sagrado had Arkangel de la Muerte and Cavenario in abdominal stretches. Stuka Jr. tried to kick up from his back, but Tiger hit him with a dropkick for the pin…

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