Month – April 2014

CMLL live results: 4/20/2014 Arena Mexico

For those following along tonight… Starting off with an in ring promo with Amapola… 6. CMLL Lightheavyweight Title: Rey Escorpion def. Maximo Rey Escorpion goes for his eight defense.. Rey Escorpion got into Volador Jr.’s body pain supply. Maximo accompanied by Titan, Rey Escorpion accompanied by accompanied by Tiger. Fall #1: Maximo takes the first […]

CMLL Arena Coliseo – 4/13/2014

Okay, i’m sitting this one out. I’m really only interested in the Delta-Tiger lightning match, which I can wait the two days to see. Nothing really else jumped out. I’m sure the main event is there to push the Rey Escorpion-Maximo feud. Here is the show poster for those who wondered what tonight had in […]