CMLL Live results: 2/2/2014 Arena Coliseo show

Here is the rundown of tonight’s show… Last night, La Sombra worked the Sin Cara indie show and teamed with AAA workers, so if he’s in any trouble, we should know much sooner than later because…

6. Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora & Rey Escorpion (captain) def. Mistico (captain), Valiente & La Sombra

La Sombra goes from teaming with the original Mistico, Sin Cara, to the new Mistico in one weekend. Rematch of last week’s main event with La Sombra in for Mascara Dorada…

Fall #1: Rudos jumped out of no where, so we won’t see them dance tonight. Speaking of stock that has crashed through the floor, Polvora pinned Mistico clean in the middle with a splash off the top to take the first.

Fall #2: Technicos even it when Valiente hits a beautiful triple jump moonsault on Polvora, La Sombra hits a plancha on Dragon Rojo Jr., and Mistico submits Rey Escorpion with La Mistica.

Fall #3: Mandatory triple high spot saw Valiente with a tope on Rey escorpion in the middle, while La Sombra and Mistico hit plancha on his sides to Polvora and Dragon Rojo Jr. respectively. Mistico hit a rana from the top rope to the floor on Rey Escorpion. Polvora pinned Valiente and Dragon Rojo Jr. pinned La Sombra after catching him with a dropkick as he came off the top rope. Revolutionarios appear to want a trios title shot, even though they lost to the actual champions last week…

5. Negro Casas (captain), Puma & Tiger def. Atlantis (captain), Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr.

Negro Casas versus Atlantis continues. Everyone forget about the Ultimo Guerrero versus Atlantis feud. You were just imagining it. Negro Casas acompanied by Perrito Zacarias.

Fall #1: Rudos take the first when Tiger pins Guerrero Maya Jr. after Puma slammed him on top. Negro Casas submitted Atlantis. I lost track, but the first call contained something like 82 thrust kicks.

Fall #2: Technicos even it after Guerrero Maya Jr. hits a tope on Puma and Delta hits a plancha over the ringpost on to Tiger, Atlantis submits Negro Casas with the Atlantida. I have Casas taking Atlantis’ mask as the finish now.

Fall #3: At one point, Tiger and Puma did the old Midnight Express “double goozle” on Guerrero Maya Jr.. I was wrong. Oh well, it was bound to happen eventually. Puma and Tiger combined for 397 thrust kicks. Tiger pinned Delta with a backcracker and Puma got Guerrero Maya Jr. with a powerbomb. Tiger and Puma made the challenge for a shot at the Arena Coliseo tag titles.

4. Bobby Zavala (captain), Nosferatu & Skandalo Canelo Casas def. Pegasso, Starman & Super Halcon Jr. (captain)

I am not sure what Canelo’s relationship is the the Casas family, but Canelo Casas was the name Heavy Metal first used. He kind of looks like a hybrid of Heavy Metal and Hijo del Perro Aguayo…

Fall #1: Super Halcon Jr. hit a plancha on Bobby Zavala which allowed Nosferatu to pin Starman with a powerbomb and Canelo Casas to submit Pegasso.

Fall #2: Technicos even it when Super Halcon Jr. submitted Bobby Zavala.

Fall #3: Pegasso hit a plancha on Canelo Casas and Starman hit a tope on Nosferatu. Super Halcon Jr. went for a moonsault, but Bobby Zavala got his feet up, then pinned Super Halcon Jr. with a running powerbomb. The Zavala stock has risen a lot. Poor Disturbio…

3. Hijo del Singo def. Dragon Lee (Lightning match)

Dragon Lee picking up the gimmick left by his brother, when he became the new Mistico. Unlike his brother, he not called Nuevo Era Dragon Lee..

One fall: Dragon Lee woke the crowd up with a plancha. Dragon Lee took a crazy spin bump on the apron to the floor off a clothesline, then was hit by a Hijo del Singo tope. Hijo del Singo submitted Dragon Lee with a leg lock, which Dragon Lee sold on the seven second delay.

2. Magnus, Molotov (captain) & Sensei DQ Artillero, Camorra & Super Commando (captain)

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Magnus submits Artillero, Sensei submits Super Commando, and Molotov submits Camorra

Fall #2: Artillero and Super Commando were interesting in unmasking Molotov. Camorra wasn’t since the last one didn’t work out too well for him. Camorra pinned Molotov after an elbow off the middle rope.

Fall #3: Third fall with a pretty abrupt finish which makes me think it was more of an accident. With Molotov leaning over the ropes, Camorra and Super Commando gave him a double kick to the head and the mask fell off for the DQ. Rudos destroyed the technicos post match.

1. Apocalipsis & Inquisidor def. Bengala & Leono

There was once a time where Leono was moving up the ladder… and that seems over…

Fall #1: Rudos take the first when Apocalipsis submits Leono and Inquisidor submits Bengala.

Fall #2: Technicos even it when Bengala submits Apocalipsis and Leono submits Inquisidor.

Fall #3: Rudos take it when Apocalipsis pins Leono clean in the middle with a splash off the top and Inquisidor pins Bengala. The good news for Leono is there isn’t another level he can drop…

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