Live results: 11/10/2013 Arena Coliseo show

Running a little late, but getting there… Tonight’s rundown:

6. Ultimo Guerrero (captain), Gran Guerrero & Mr. Niebla def. Mistico (captain), Mascara Dorada & Valiente

Mr. Niebla accompanied by Perrito Zacarias. Side by side, Valiente isn’t that much taller.

Fall #1: Rudos take the first when Ultimo Guerrero submits Mistico. In the background, Mascara Dorada takes an insanely high bump off a Mr. Niebla backdrop.

Fall #2: Technicos even it after Mascara Dorada takes out Gran Guerrero with a tope, Mistico hits a plancha on Mr. Niebla, and Valiente submits Ultimo Guerrero.

Fall #3: Mr. Niebla has added pube humor. Valiente hit his triple jump moonsault on Gran Guerrero. Mr. Niebla pinned Mascara Dorada after a splash off  the top and Ultimo Guerrero submitted Mistico. Mr. Niebla burped in his post match promo.

5. Atlantis (captain), Blue Panther & Brazo de Plata def. Tama Tonga Mephisto (captain), Niebla Roja & Pierroth

Looks like Tama Tonga was in to replace Mephisto when it looked like he was injured last week, but now he’s back in. This is one very well aged match up. Pierroth accompanied by Pequeno Pierroth, who is either late or didn’t feel like filling in earlier.

Fall #1: Mephisto a monster here, submitting Brazo de Plata with an abdominal stretch (insert jokes here), then Blue Panther with the same.

Fall #2: Brazo de Plata splashed Mephisto to take the second fall. Mephisto would’ve been better off injured.

Fall #3: Brazo de Plata splashed Pierroth in the crowd. Lucky them. Technicos take it when Atlantis pins Niebla Roja and Blue Panther submits Mephisto with an abdominal stretch.

4. Delta vs. Misterioso Jr. (Lightning match)

One fall: Delta with two springboard dropkicks, then submitted Misterioso Jr. in a little over eight minutes.

3. Fuego, Rey Cometa & Stuka Jr. (captain) def. Namajague, Shigeo Okumura (captain) & Sangre Azteca

Fall #1: Rudos take the first when Sangre Azteca caught Rey Cometa coming off the top with a dropkick and pinned him. Shigeo Okumura pinned Fuego with a Michinoku Driver.

Fall #2: Stuka Jr. took out Sangre Azteca and JUST missed taking out some woman in the front row. One more fall to finish her off. Rey Cometa pinned Namajague with a 450 splash and Fuego submitted Shigeo Okumura.

Fall #3: Rey Cometa and Fuego took out Namajague and Sangre Azteca with planchas, allowing Stuka Jr. to pin Shigeo Okumura after a splash off the top.

2. Magnus, Metatron & Starman (captain) DQ Camorra, Cancerbero & Raziel (captain)

Fall #1: Camorra got it going for his team, submitting Metatron, however the technicos took it when Magnus pinned Raziel and Starman pinned Cancerbero.

Fall #2: Finish saw Camorra rip off Starman’s mask for the DQ. I think he was looking for Stigma. Needless to say, he wasn’t under there…

1. Stukita & Aereo def. Pequeno Universo 2000 Ultimo Dragoncito & Pequeno Violencia

Fall #1: Rudos took the first when Ultimo Dragoncito pinned Stukita after a splash off the top and Pequeno Violencia submitted Aereo.

Fall #2: Aereo missed an arm drag spot pretty bad and everyone noticed. Stukita hit a series of moonsaults on Pequeno Violencia before submitting him and Aereo pinned Ultimo Dragoncito.

Fall #3: Aereo was a one man team, submitting Ultimo Dragoncito with a sharp shooter and pinning Pequeno Violencia after a splash off the top.

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