Live results: 9/22/2013 Arena Mexico show

Will keep the updates brief tonight, but here is the show:

Starting off with an in ring promo with La Mascara, Maximo & Angel de Oro…

6. Marco Corleone, Shocker (captain) & Thunder def. Ultimo Guerrero (captain), Gran Guerrero & Euforia

Thunder is just horrible…

Fall #1: Guerreros hit a triple suplex on Marco Corleone and Thunder. Euforia pinned the horrid Thunder and Gran Guerrero pinned Marco Corleone.

Fall #2: Marco Corleone hit his springboard on all three rudos and pinned them in a quick fall.

Fall #3: Technicos took it..

5. Dragon Rojo Jr. (captain), Mephisto & Ephesto def. La Mascara (captain), Maximo & Angel de Oro

Dragon Rojo Jr. is wearing a 78th anniversary shirt. Maybe that was the last time Taichi thought he was in shape?

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Angel de Oro hits a moonsault to the floor on Ephesto. La Mascara rolls up Mephisto and Maximo pins Dragon Rojo Jr. with a sitdown powerbomb.

Fall #2: Three way splash spot usually set up for Brazo de Plata, Maximo goes to the top, but misses. Dragon Rojo Jr. submitted Angel de Oro, Ephesto pinned Maximo and Mephisto pinned La Mascara

Fall #3: La Mascara hit a tope on Dragon Rojo Jr. leaving the rudos to take it when Mephisto pins Angel de Oro with the Devil’s Wings and Ephesto rolls up Maximo.

4. Tiger (captain), Vangells & Virus def. Delta (captain), Guerrero Maya Jr. & Hijo del Fantasma

Fall #1: Tiger pinned Delta to take the first.

Fall #2: Technicos take the second. After Hijo del Fantasma takes out Vangellys with a tope, Guerrero Maya Jr. pins Virus and Delta submits Tiger.

Fall #3: Rudos take it when Tiger pins Hijo del Fantasma with a backcracker. Delta hits a moonsault to the floor on Vangellys. Virus pulls Guerrero Maya Jr.’s mask and rolls him up for the pin. Guerrero Maya Jr. wants a mask versus hair match with Virus.

3. Namajague def. Rey Cometa (Lightning match)

One fall: Namajague got Rey Cometa with the splash mountain, then kicked him for good measure after the match in a little under 5 1/2 minutes.

2. Hombre Bala Jr., Super Halcon Jr. & Triton (captain) def. Artillero, Disturbio & Super Commando (captain)

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Triton pins Super Commando with an elbow off the top.

Fall #2: Rudos took the second when Disturbio held down Hombre Bala Jr. & Super Halcon Jr. allowing Super Commando and Artillero to land splashes off the top for pins.

Fall #3: Technicos take it when Triton pins Artillero with a sitdown powerbomb, Super Halcon Jr. pins Super Commando with a moonsault, and Hombre Bala Jr. pins Disterbio.

1. Apocalipsis & Inquisidor def. Bengala & Camaleon

Fall #1: Rudos took the first when Apocalipsis submitted Camaleon and Inquisidor submitted Bengala.

Fall #2: Technicos even it when Camaleon submitted Apocalipsis and Bengala submitted Inquisidor.

Fall #3: Rudos take it when Camaleon comes off the corner with a springboard splash, but meets the knees of Apocalipsis leading to the pin and Inquisidor pins Bengala.

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