Live results: 9/20/2013 Arena Mexico show

I love last minute… here is the rundown for those following..   :)

6. Averno, Volador Jr. & Ultimo Guerrero def. La Sombra, Atlantis & Blue Panther

The main matches of the anniversary show merged into one for convenience…

5. Titan, Diamante Azul & Brazo de Plata DQ Rey Escorpion, Polvora & Pierroth

Fall #3: Ret Escorpion with a foul on Brazo de Plata…

4. Angel de Oro def. Misterioso Jr. (Lightning match)

One fall: At one point, Angel de Oro hit two consecutive topes, then at 3:55, a moonsault to the floor. Misterioso J.r hit a Gory Special for a two around 5:15. Angel de Oro submitted Misterioso Jr. at 6:40.

3. Hijo del Fantasma (captain), Rey Cometa & Triton def. Tomohiro Ishii, Puma & Tiger (captain)

Fall #1: Rudos take the first when Tomohiro Ishii pins Triton with a powerbomb and Puma pins Rey Cometa with a Canadian Destroyer.

Fall #2: Technicos even it when Triton pins Tomohiro Ishii with a leg drop off the top and Rey Cometa pins Puma with a rana off the top.

Fall #3: Rey Cometa one man show. Rey with a tornillo plancha on Puma, ending in an arm drag. Rey also with a rana off the top onto Puma on the ring apron to send him to the floor, where Triton hit a moonsault on Puma. Rey follows it up with a plancha on Tomohiro Ishii. Hijo del Fantasma pins Tiger with a windspring clothesline down the ramp, back into the ring.

2. Dalis la Caribena, Luna Magica & Marcela (captain) def. Princesa Blanca (captain), La Comandante & La Sedectora

Now post anniversary show, time to turn Dalis again?

Fall #1: Technicos took the first… posting is not working right for me tonight, so everything posted is lost…

Fall #2: Technicos in two straight when Luna Magica pins Sedectora with a tornillio plancha. Comandante submits Luna Magica with a campana. Dalis hits a plancha off the apron on Comandante. Marcela comes off the ropes with knees on Blanca, but accidentally runs into Dalis on the apron. Dalis comes in and jumps Marcela and takes the pin. Dalis and Marcela pull apart and Dalis walks off…

1. Soberano Jr. & Molotov vs. Guerrero Negro Jr. & Herodes Jr.

Fall #1:

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