Video game collection update…

Well, the collection grew a little more this week. I picked up three for the Atari 2600 and one for the Intellivision. Everything is listed as “common”, but all were complete in one, one shrink wrapped. I also picked up two different gaming items.

For the Atari 2600, picked up Surround, Carnival and Star Raiders. Star Raiders came in the larger box, with smaller boxes inside for both the game and the touch pad controller. They were in better condition than when I received them, but UPS literally crushed the box, so they’re a little messed up.

The Intellivision game is Astrosmash, which came shrink wrapped. This one is actually a little special for me since it’s first purchased game I ever had (Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack actually came with the console). I can not even think of how many hours I played this game on the Intellivision as a kid, on the PC through emulators, on the XBox Intellivision Lives disc, and in the XBox Live’s Game Room.

I also picked up two additional items. The first was a Space Invaders magnet (not sure which since i’m not opening it) that was released in Japan as part of the 30th anniversary of the games release. The box can contain any one of twenty different magnets, kind of like those old “kidrobot” toys released in the past (picture here). The other being a plastic sales card for Mr. Do! on the Nintendo Game Boy. Prior to stores like GameStop leaving the empty case on the store shelves, they used to put these things in binders for customers to flip through. Just figured it would be something interesting to frame up on the wall.    :)

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