Bridgeport Bluefish 2013 schedule and results

In my never ending quest… and I mean NEVER ending… to get things added and done to this site, I added in the schedule and results thus far for the Bridgeport Bluefish of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

“Back in the day” before we moved, we had access to a lot of independent baseball, which I loved. Most probably don’t know, but I actually ran a website on the subject for a few years, which just WAY too time consuming to do on my own

Honestly, I miss them. We were season ticket holders for years and pretty much knew everyone who worked at the Ballpark at Harbor Yard. It was great. I would estimate we probably saw 80+ games there, with my personal favorite being the 2005 home opener against rival Long Island Ducks on April 28, 2005. Game started late due to opening ceremonies, a 90 minute rain delay due to a storm in the second inning, and by the ninth inning, the crowd of just over 4,000 was down to maybe 100 as it was 11:45pm. With the score tied at 3, John Rocker took the mound for Long Island (yes, THAT John Rocker). The hundred or so remaining fans were about as loud as ten thousand fans and they rode his ass so hard. John Rocker went on to record the loss. Also making his Bluefish debut that night is current Milwaukee Brewers first baseman, Corey Hart.

A lot of changes took place in the offseason between 2006 and 2007, personally, I thought for the worse. Prior to moving, we did go to opening day 2007, but the same feel just wasn’t there anymore. It was like going home and finding another family sitting in the living room. The was last game we attended. Hopefully, someday we’ll be back… I still have my Bluefish jerseys in my rotation…

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