Live results: 8/4/2013 Arena Coliseo show

For those following along tonight, here is the show… Third show in a row without Volador Jr. = withdrawl pains…

Starting out with an in ring promo with Peste Negra…

6. Marco Corleone, Shocker (captain) & Thunder def. Negro Casas, Mr. Niebla (captain) & Felino

Peste Negra together again, accompanied by Perrito Zacarias. Marco Corleone’s Arena Coliseo return from injury…

Fall #1: Why don’t people boo Thunder? He’s HORRIBLE. After a quick five way brawl on the floor (Thunder lost on the other side), rudos took it when Negro Casas submitted Shocker with a boston crab.

Fall #2: Technicos even it when Marco Corlene pins Mr. Niebla with a springboard clothesline, Shocker submits Felino, and Thunder submits Negro Casas with something that was executed very poorly. Thunder should be allowed no farther than ringside with the rest of the crowd…

Fall #3: Mr. Niebla missed the spit spot, as it sailed to the floor. Technicos take it when Shocker takes out Mr. Niebla with a tope, allowing Marco Corleone to pin Felino and Thunder to pin Negro Casas with jackhammers. I don’t think there will EVER be a bigger injustice than Negro Casas having to put over someone like Thunder. After the match, Thunder cut one of the worst promos in history… why ruin a good thing?

5. Taichi (captain), Terrible & Vangellys def. Rush (captain), La Mascara & Titan

Rush has new music. Terrible accompanied by La Commendante…I don’t watch, follow, like, or care about the WWE, but someone just said Rush’s new music is the music Chris Benoit last used before his double murder/suicide. I am sure it wasn’t intentional, but CMLL isn’t going to be winning any sensitivity awards. Rush, La Mascara & Titan are the National Trios Champions.

Fall #1: Rudos take the first when Taichi pins Rush with the shining wizard.

Fall #2: Technicos even it when Titan takes out Taichi with a plancha while La Mascara pins Vangellys with a suplex and Rush pins Terrible with la lance.

Fall #3: Rudos take it when Vangellys pins La Mascara with a northern lights suplex and Terrible submits Titan with a half boston crab.

4. Angel de Oro def. Puma (Lightning match)

The rematch.. and they didn’t decided to change it by adding two others to the match as a swerve…

One fall: As Puma came down the ramp, he was met with a tope from Angel de Oro. Highlights saw Angel de Oro hit a springboard moonsault to the floor. Angel de Oro went for a rana, but was caught with a sitdown powerbomb for two. Loud Puma chants. Puma went for a dropkick off the ropes and was hit with a sitdown powerbomb for two as well. Puma with a front cracker off the top for a two. Puma and Angel de Oro exchanged fists and Puma got the ref. Puma went for a tombstone, but the ref pushed him over. Puma went after the ref and Angel de Oro tried to roll him up from behind, but Puma got him in a submission. Angel de Oro reversed it and submitted Puma with a capana.

3. Misterioso Jr., Sangre Azteca & Virus (captain) def. Delta (captain), Guerrero Maya Jr, & Hijo del Fantasma

Fall #1: Loud chants for Delta versus the rudos in general. Rudos took the first when Sangra Azteca pinned Guerrero Maya Jr. after catching him with a dropkick as he attempted a springboard bodyblock and Misterioso Jr. pinned Delta with the Gory Special. Rudo chants won out.

Fall #2: Technicos even it when Guerrero Maya Jr. hits the first tope of the night on Misterioso Jr. and Delta submits Virus.

Fall #3: Rudos take it when Hijo del Fantasma hits Virus with a splash off the top, but Virus yanks his mask and pins him, After the match, Sangra Azteca took Delta’s mask as well.

2. Sagrado (captain), Stigma & Triton def. Camorra, Raziel (captain) & Cancerbero

Fall #1: Rudos take the first when Cancerbero pins Stigma and Raziel submits Sagrado with an armbar.

Fall #2: Technicos even it when Triton pinned Camorra with a rana and Sagrado submitted Cancerbero with an abdominal stretch.

Fall #3: Technicos go up 2 – 0 on the night when Sagrado pins Raziel after a moonsault.

1. Leono & Camaleon def. Espanto Jr. & Ramstein

Remember back in the day when it seemed Leono was moving up?

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Camaleon submitted Espanto Jr. and Leono pinned Ramstein with a spinning neck breaker. Crowd booed…

Fall #2: Rudos even it when Ramstein pins Leono with a frog splash and Espanto Jr. pins Camaleon with a northern lights suplex.

Fall #3: Technicos take it to a round of boos after Camaleon pins Espanto Jr. after a VERY NICE looking double team front cracker off the top rope and Leono submits Ramstein with a unique form of half boston crab…

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