Live results: 7/14/2013 CMLL Arena Mexico show

For those following along tonight… Arena Mexico looks to be about 1/4 full tonight…

6. Negro Casas (captain), Rey Bucanero & Mr. Aguila DQ Blue Panther, Masimo & Rush (captain)

7:15pm, I sense a quickie since the show usually ends now. Maximo accompanied by Que Monito, Perrito Zacariah with the rudos.

Fall #1: Rudos jumped Rush in the entrance. Total brawl. Rudos took the first when Negro Casas submitted Rush with an STF to a big pop.

Fall #2: Mr. Aguila threw Maximo into the crowd. Rush threw Negro Casas into the crowd, then the commentator booth. More in the crowd than in the barricade. At one point an eight way brawl with Que Monito and Parrito Zacariah involved. At one point, Maximo went to kiss Mr. Aguila who dropped him to the floor. Rush escaped an attempt for a casita by Negro Casas, then fouled him for the DQ. Rush walked out on his partners. Maximo and Mr. Aguila went at it a few more minutes.

5. Titan, Brazo de Plata (captain) & Thunder def. Volador Jr. (captain), Psicosis & Kraneo

Sigh… Brazo de Plata & Thunder on the same team. Prepare for the suck… With luck, two no shows.. billed as CMLL vs. Invaders, so they’re still invading after 2+ years… and I guess Volador Jr. isn’t considered CMLL tonight… Kraneo came out as Darth Vader and Mije as Yoda.

Fall #1: Technicos took the first when Brazo de Plata hit Volador Jr. with a plancha off the ring apron (poor Volador Jr.) allowing Titan to roll up Kraneo with a rana and Thunder to hit a press slam into a powerslam on Psicosis.

Fall #2: Horrid fall. Volador Jr. slammed Brazo de Plata and Kraneo pinned him with a leg drop.

Fall #3: This time for spot, Kraneo & Psicosis held up Titan in a crucifix while Volador Jr. ran threw him. Titan used both Psicosis and the top rope to hit a plancha on Kraneo. Psicosis followed with a tope, then Thunder with a plancha. Volador Jr. went for a sunset flip on Brazo de Plata who sat on him for the pin. The good news is, this match is over. Thunder cut a horrible promo both before and after the match.

4. CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team Titles: Shigeo Okumura & Namajague def. Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr.

Shigeo Okumura & Namajague’s first defense of the the Arena Coliseo tag team titles… in Arena Mexico…

Fall #1: Champions take the first when Namajague pins Delta and Shigeo Okumura pins Guerrero Maya Jr. with a Michinoku Driver.

Fall #2: Challengers even it up when Guerrero Maya Jr. submits Namajague and Delta pins Shigeo Okumura after a moonsault.

Fall #3: Delta and Guerrero Maya Jr. hit a pair of topes on Shigeo Nakumura & Namajague. Namajague swipped Guerrero Maya Jr.’s mask behind the refs back and pinned him. Delta immediately submitted Namajague. Shigeo Nakumura and Delta went for a few minutes with a lot of near falls, but the rudos retained when Namajague distracted the ref allowing Okumura to sneak in a foul and pin Delta. Really good, heated fall.

3. Misterioso Jr., Sangre Azteca & Vangellys (captain) def. BUSHI, Rey Cometa & Hijo del Fantasma Sagrado (captain)

Two nights ago in Arena Mexico, Vangellys won the 2013 En Busca de un Idolo tournament. He still looks like M. Bison of SF2 fame…

Fall #1: Rudos took the first when Sangre Azteca caught BUSHI coming off the top rope and met him with a dropkick for the pin. Misterioso Jr. pinned Rey Cometa.

Fall #2: Technicos even it up when BUSHI takes out Sangre Azteca with a tope, Rey Cometa takes out Misterioso with a plancha, and back in the ring, Sagrado pins Vangellys with a moonsault.

Fall #3: Quick fall. Sagrado missed a springboard and Vangellys pinned him clean with a suplex.

2. Camorra, Hooligan (captain) & Nosferatu def. Soberano Jr., Oro Jr. & Pegasso (captain)

Hooliagn was not accompanied by Isis tonight…

Fall #1: At one point, Nosferatu & Hooligan got Pegasso with two boots to the back and Pegasso clutched his stomach. I guess if a tombstone piledriver can result in intestinal damage, anything is possible in this world. Nosferatu pinned Oro Jr. after a splash off the top and Camorra submitted Soberano Jr. with an arm bar.

Fall #2: At one point, Pegasso hit a plancha into an armdrag on the ramp that just about sent Nosferatu into the crowd. Rudo dominated fall. Oro Jr. submitted Nosferatu with an arm bar and Soberano Jr. pinned Hooligan with a moonsault. Rudo fans not happy.

Fall #3: Pegasso took out Camorra with a tornillo plancha. Nosferatu caught Soberano Jr. coming off the top with a powerbomb for the pin, while Hooligan pinned Oro Jr. with a styles clash. Soberano Jr. is really good.

1. Camaleon & Leono def. Cholo & Ramstein

Fall #1: Creative spot where Ramstein hung both Leono, then Camaleon upside down in the corner, allowing Ramstein and Cholo to hit a double dropkick. Ramstein pinned Leono after a splash off the top and Cholo submitted Camaleon

Fall #2: Technicos even it up when Camaleon pins Cholo after a moonsault bodyblock and Leono pins Ramstein after an elbow off the top rope.

Fall #3: Technicos took it when Leono submitted Cholo with a leg lock and Camaleon pinned Ramstein with a rana in a somewhat sloppy fall. Rudo fans all over it.

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