Live results: 6/9/2013 CMLL Arena Coliseo show

Better late than never… but here is tonight’s rundown…

Rush came out for a promo after the second match and was booed… so not even the Mexico vs. Japan storeyline helps him..

10. Rush def. Shinsuke Nakamura

Fall #1: Rush jumped Shinsuke in the isle way. No wonder no one likes him. Shinsuke Nakamura takes the first submitting Rush with an arm bar. Rudo chants, so even with the Mexico vs. Japan theme, people still hate Rush.

Fall #2: Rush evens it up with his fallaway suplex and senton. Crowd booed. Rush needs to bring his family and friends to the shows.

Fall #3: Shinsuke was bleeding from the chest from chops. Rush hit a tope, then powerslam and northern lights suplex, both for two. Shinsuke got an armbar, but Rush made it to the ropes. Shinsuke hit a northern lights bomb for a two. Rush hit a superplex for two and was booed. Rush pinned Shinsuke Nakamura clean with his Rush Driver.

9. CMLL Trios Title Tournament Semifinals: Ultimo Guerrero (captain), Euforia & Niebla Roja def. Dragon Rojo Jr., Rey Escorpion (captain) & Polvora

One Fall: Rudos should win this one. Ultimo Guerrero’s team advances to the finals wining a quick one with a triple submission.

8. CMLL Trios Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Ultimo Guerrero (captain), Euforia & Niebla Roja def. Atlantis (captain), Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr.

One Fall: Delta and Guerrero Maya Jr. took out Euforia & Niebla Roja with planchas for the Ultimo Guerrero-Atlantis showdown. Atlantis kicked out of a powrbomb off the top. Atlantis hit a tope on Ultimo Guerrero while Euforia submitted Delta and Niebla Roja pinned Guerrero Maya Jr.

7. CMLL Trios Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Dragon Rojo Jr., Rey Escorpion (captain) & Polvora def. Blue Panther (captain), Diamante Azul & Stuka Jr.

One Fall: Polvora pinned Blue Panther after a flog splash. Rudos celebrated during the rudo chant.

6. CMLL Trios Title Tournament Semifinals: Mistico (captain), Mascara Dorada & Valiente def. Terrible (captain), Rey Bucanero & Tiger

One Fall: Interesting spot where Terrible & Rey Bucanero kept lifting and dropping Mascara Dorada, ending a backcracker by Tiger. Loud rudo chants again. Triple moonsaults to the floor with Mistico on Rey Bucanero, Mascara Dorada on Terrible, and Valiente on Tiger. Mistico went for a shooting star press to the floor on Terrible and overshot and was fucked up badly. Paramedics over instantly. Valiente pinned Tiger with a chest cracker and Mascara Dorada pinned Rey Bucanero with a tornillo to advance to the finals.

5. CMLL Trios Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Terrible (captain), Rey Bucanero & Tiger def. La Sombra (captain), La Mascara & Rey Cometa

One Fall: Sombra went for his double flip moonsault on Terrible, who got his knees up and pinned him.

4. CMLL Trios Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Mistico (captain), Mascara Dorada & Valiente def. Volador Jr. (captain), Psicosis & Mr. Aguila

Rudos accompanied by Mije. Technicos came out with matching masks.

One Fall: Nice spot where Mistico and Mascara Dorada hit planchas on Volador Jr. & Mr. Aguila while Valiente hit a Asai moonsault on Psicosis. Mr. Aguila and Psicosis returned the favor on Mascara Dorada & Valiente, leaving Mistico to submit Volador Jr. with La Mistica.

3. 8 Man Battle Royal to determine order w/ Delta, Stuka Jr. Rey Cometa, Valiente, Polvora, Tiger, Mr. Aguila & Niebla Rojo

Order of elimination saw Mr. Aguila, Valiente (by Tiger), Rey Cometa (by Tiger), Tiger (by Stuka Jr.), Niebla Roja, Stuka Jr. (by Delta), Polvora (by Niebla Rojo). Delta and Niebla Rojo fought anyway for no real reason since it was over

2. Arkangel de la Muerte & Skandalo def. Hombra Bala Jr. & Super Halcon Jr.

Arkangel de la Muerte & Skandalo accompanied by Isis.

Fall #1: LOUD rudo chants to start the fall. Technicos take the first when Hombre Bala Jr. pins Arkangel de la Muerte after his headfirst dive into the corner and Super Halcon Jr. pins Skandalo with a moonsault.

Fall #2: Rudos even it up when Skandalo has a makeup pin on Hombre Bala Jr. and Arkangel de la Muerte submits Super Halcon Jr.. More rudo chants.

Fall #3: Rudos take it when Skandalo pins Honbre Bala Jr. with essentially was a piledriver and Arkangel de la Muerte pinned Super Halcon Jr. after a uranage into a backbreaker and a senton.

1. Artillero & Super Commando def. Soberano Jr. & Magnus

Fall #3: Super Commando pinned Soberano Jr. and Artillero pinned Magnus after a splash off the top.

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