Live results: 4/14/2013 CMLL Arena Coliseo show

Here is tonight’s rundown… tonight is the Arena Coliseo debut of Thunder and the main event is a relevos increibles match, with means technicos and rudos teaming together..

Starting off with an in ring promo with Marco Corleone & Thunder. Guess they didn’t want Thunder boo’ed, so they left Rush out… Thunder should never do a promo again…

After the lightning match, Averno & Mephisto came out for a promo without Maximo, and when Maximo came out, they left.

After the 4th match, Mistico, Valiente & Volador came out for a promo. Do they ever think he’ll get over if they keep calling him New Era Mistico? At least they didn’t call him Dragon Lee…

6. Mistico, Valiente & Voldaor Jr. (captain) vs. Averno (captain), Mephisto & Maximo (relevos increibles)

Betting more mask tearing that kissing tonight. race to see who tears up Mistico’s mask first, Averno or Volador Jr. Volador Jr. in the avatar outfit.

Fall #1: Maximo was wrestling Valiente when Averno nailed both. That turned the rudo switch on in Maximo. Averno untied Volador Jr.’s mask, Maximo undid Mistico’s and Mephisto undid Valiente’s. Mephisto pinned Valiente. Averno hit the devils wings on Mistico and let Maximo pin him. Team Averno continued the beatdown after the fall. Averno and Maximo shook hands. You know this will all go wrong in the third fall

Fall #2: Quick fall ending when Averno dropkicked Mistico through the ropes to the floor and Volador Jr. came back in the ring and pinned him with a sunset flip.

Fall #3: For whatever reason, this didn’t go through last night, thought it did save the update… Mistico hit a really nice rana off the second rope to the floor on Mephisto. At one point they did a spot where Mistico & Volador Jr. hit Averno & Maximo with planchas while on the other side of the ring, Valiente hit a tope of Mephisto. Mistico hits La Mistica on Averno, but before he could submit, Volador Jr. jumped Mistico and tore his mask off for was somehow called a disqualification. After the match, Volador Jr. challenged Mistico to a mask match. For some reason, I am not holding my breathe on that one. Maximo left with Averno and Mephisto

5. Marco Corleone (captain), Thunder & Rush vs. Ephesto, Felino & Terrible (captain)

Felino accompanied by Perrito Zacariah. Terrible accompanied by Comendante TRT (Terrible) teaming with Pesta Negra (Felino). Terrible is also the CMLL Heavyweight champion.

Fall #1: Rush was booed and threaten to leave. He was booed louder. The tales of the two Felino’s. Tonight the one that just fools around. Lucky Japanese fans get the one that works… Corleone kissed Comendante, to Terrible punched both. Technicos took the first when Thunder submitted Felino with an abdominal stretch and Rush pinned Ephesto with a death valley driver.

Fall #2: Terrible and Rush faced off and the crowd erupted in a loud chant for Terrible. Two unintentional funny moments when Terrible went to the floor and it looked like Rush was going to due a tope and the fan behind Terrible ran for his life and with Terrible kicking Rush on the floor, the fans jumping and telling him to kick him more. Rush is the lead rudo on the technico side. Rudos evened it up when Felino pinned Thunder after an elbow off the second rope and Terrible submitted Rush with a half boston crab.

Fall #3: Technicos took a quick one when Mephisto took out Rush with a tope and Marco Corleone pinned Felino. For the hell of it, Thunder pinned Terrible with a samoan drop. In the post match promo, they asked Comendate if she liked her kiss from Marco Corleone, she acted excited, which pissed off Terrible.

4. Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. (captain) & Rey Cometa DQ Misterioso Jr. (captain), Puma & Shigeo Okumura

Should heat up after the angle Friday night when Okumura broke a picture frame over Cometa’s head.

Fall #1: Rey Cometa met Okumura on the ramp as he came out and the brawl was on. Cometa took out Okumura with an Asai moonsault on the floor while Puma pinned Delta with a powerbomb and Misterioso Jr. pinned Guerrero Maya Jr after hitting with a Gory Driver.

Fall #2: Technicos took the second when Guerrero Maya Jr. took out Puma with a tope, while Delta took out Okumura with a tope on the other side (Okumara was at least cushioned by a large woman in the front row) and Rey Cometa pinned Misterioso Jr. with a sunset flip.

Fall #3: Technicos took it when Rey Cometa scored a two count off a rana, went to the top rope, and was knocked off by Namajague doing a run in. Technicos are great as Delta & Guerrero Maya remained in the ring getting their arms raised while Okumura and Namajague destroyed Cometa on the floor. Challenges after the match. Really good match.

3. Metalico def. Hijo del Singo (Lightning match)

One fall: Metalico just reminds me of Sarge from WCW. Solid in just about every last thing he does. Metalico submitted Hijo del Singo with a head scissors and arm bar, then tore at Singo’s mask after the match.

2. Bobby Zavala, Nosferatu & Arkangel de la Muerte (captain) def. Super Halcon Jr., Soberano Jr. (captain) & Magnus

Arkangel de la Muerte accompanied by Isis. Soberano Jr. the captain of his team… moving up!! I know if I had a say, and my say means nothing, I would love to see Soberano Jr. & Bobby Zavala move up, as well as the team of Super Halcon Jr. and Hombre Bala Jr…

Fall #1: Technicos took the first when Soberano Jr. pinned Nosferatu after a moonsault and Magnus submitted Bobby Zavala with an arm bar.

Fall #2: Early in the fall, Soberano hit a nice rana off the top rope to the floor on Bobby Zavala. Rudos even it up when Bobby Zavala pins Magnus after a dropkick to the spine and Nosferatu pins Super Halcon Jr. after a spear.

Fall #3: Rudos took it when Soberano Jr. was tripped coming off the ropes allowing Arkangel de la Muerte to hit him with an airplane spin into a powerbomb for the pin.

1. Apocalipsis & Camorra def. Bengala & Camaleon

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Camaleon submitted Apocalipsis and Bengala rolled up Camorra for the pin.

Fall #2: Rudos evened it up when Camorra pinned Camaleon after an elbow off the second rope and Apocalipsis submitted Bengala

Fall #3: Rudos take it when Camorra submits Camaleon and Apocalipsis submits Bengala

relevos increibles

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