Live results: 4/7/2013 70th Anniversary CMLL Arena Coliseo show

Well, today is a larger, kind of unusual show. Being the 70th anniversary of Arena Coliseo, there is a lot more outside talent coming in tonight, so the show should have a slightly different feel. Now if that is a good or bad thing remains to be seen, but I am willing to bet some of the outside talent has been around long enough to be at the first show here… oh, and Dalis is on the show, which is never promising…

Show opens up with a promo with the Blue Panther, who looks like he worked the first show in Arena Coliseo…

After the first match, a promo with Black Terry (who’s son is an INCREDIBLE photographer), Rey Mendoza Jr. & Universo 2000…

Ring girls came out to dance again after the fourth match, 2 1/4 hours in. Normally the show is over but now, but tonight, still two more to go…

Before the final match, they gave a old woman in the crowd a plaque. She looks like she’s been around for 70 years…  :)

Show went about 1 hour longer than normal…

6. Dragon Rojo Jr. def. La Sombra (CMLL Middleweight Title)

Dragon Rojo Jr. going for his seventh defense of the title. Starting about 30 minutes after the show is usually over, so I assume this one is going to be quick. La Sombra came out with what looked like a Transformers helmut and Road Warrior shoulder pads. Dragon Rojo Jr. was seconded by Espanto Jr. and La Sombra was seconded by Soberano Jr.

Fall #1: Dragon Rojo Jr. takes a pretty quick first fall with a slingshot powerbomb.

Fall #2: Dragon Rojo Jr. his a plancha on La Sombra after knocking him to the floor. In an even faster fall, La Sombra pinned Dragon Rojo Jr. with his brillante driver. Theme of the night, the crowd booed.

Fall #3: La Sombra hit a plancha on Dragon Rojo Jr.. Rojo Jr. got a two with a double stomp to the back of La Sombra’s head. La Sombra got a two count with a german suplex. Dragon Rojo Jr. hit a plancha to the floor. Rojo Jr. went for a leapdrop, but Sombra hit him with a dropkick for a two, then hit a split legged moonsault for two. Sombra went for a springboard elbow, but Rojo Jr. caught him with a dropkick for a two. Sombra sent Rojo Jr. to the floor with a rana and followed up with a moonsault off the top. Sombra got a two count off a superplex. Sombra got a two count off his double jump moonsault. Sombra with another two count when he goes for a rana, Rojo Jr. reverses into a spingshot powerbomb. but Sombra still rolls him up. Rojo Jr. gets a two off the double stomp off the top. Sombra rolls up Rojo Jr. who rolls out and submits Sombra with an arm bar in an excellent fall. La Sombra still challenged for Dragon Rojo Jr.’s mask.

5. Atlantis, Diamante Azul & Ray de Jalisco Jr. (captain) def. Mascara Ano 2000, Ray Mendoza Jr. (Villano V) & Universo 2000 (captain)

Ray Mendoza Jr. hasn’t changed a day since he retired, but how much can you really change since 3/16. I guess he got bored quickly. Before the match, Ray Mendoza Jr. was presented with a plaque.

Fall #1: Team non-CMLL takes the first when Mascara Ano 2000 pins Diamante Azul with a senton and Rey Mendoza Jr. pins Atlantis. Loud rudo chants.

Fall #2: Diamante Azul hit a tope on Ray Mendoza Jr. while back in the ring, Team almost-CMLL evened it up when Rayo de Jalisco Jr. pinned Universo 2000 with a springboard elbow. Atlantis pinned Mascara Ano 2000 with a rana for the hell of it.

Fall #3: Mostly comedy. Team Almost-CMLL takes it when Rayo de Jalisco submits Universo 2000 for the win. For the hell of it, Diamante Azul submitted Ray Mendoza Jr. and Atlantis submitted Mascara Ano 2000 with armbars. After the match, Rey Mendoza Jr. cried to a Villano chant.

4. Averno, Blue Panther (captain) & Shocker def. Black Terry, Negro Navarro (captain) & Villano IV

Averno teaming with the technicos. Shocker with Que Monito. Negro Navarro came out with a handful of titles.

Fall #1: Long series of WRESTLING starting with Averno against Black Terry, followed by Blue Panther & Negro Navarro (which received a loud ovation), and Shocker & Villano IV. Crowd booed Shocker. Negro Navarro had a reverse figure four on Averno, but he reached the ropes. Averno got one on Navarro and submitted him.

Fall #2: Team non-CMLL takes the second when Shocker submits Black Terry with a arm bar, Negro Navarro submits Averno with an arm lock, and Villano IV submits Blue Panther with a different arm lock.

Fall #3: Team CMLL takes it after Averno hit a superplex on Black Terry and submitted him with an arm bar, Villano IV submitted Averno with a backbreaker, and Blue Panther finished off Villano IV with an arm bar. Submission night. People threw money into the ring.

3. Goya Kong def. Amapola, Princesa Sugheit, Princesa Blanca, Zeuxis, Tiffany, Marcela, Estrellita, Silueta, Dalis la Caribena

I will do my best, but this one won’t be easy to type out live…

Starting out with Tiffany and Silueta. Dalis went for a rana on Amapola and almost knocked herself out. Estrellita hit Zeuxix with a tope on the rudo side and they all jumped her. Goya Kong did a dance that killed every heterosexual sperm in the building at once. Silueta messed up a rana and the crowd let her have it. Silueta was the first elimination, being pinned after a spanish fly by Zeuxis. dalis went to the top and the rudos pulled her down for a second brawl. Goya hit virtually all the rudos with a plancha. Tiffany submitted Princesa Sugheit after a series of crappy moves. Crowd booed. Dalis pinned Zeuxis. Amapola submitted Dalis with an arm bar. Amapola submitted Estrellita. Marcela pinned Tiffany with a double stomp off the top. Princesa Blanca pinned Marcela with a powerbomb. Goya Kong pinned Amapola. Goya Kong won, pinning Princesa Blanca with a powerbomb.

2. Hombre Bala Jr. (captain), Super Halcon Jr. & Metalico DQ Hijo del Singo (captain), Nosferatu & Taraus

Fall #1: Hijo del Singo runs from Metalico most of the match, but does try to make him a part of a ringside seat towards the end of the fall. Rudos take the first when Nosferatu pins Hombra Bala Jr. with a swinging neck breaker.

Fall #2: Hopefully I have this right as it didn’t save when I went to post it. Hijo del Singo and Metalico tear up each others masks. Crowd comes alive when Hombre Bala lauches himself into a spear on Taraus. Super Halcon and Hombre Bala Jr. pin Nosferatu and Taraus with stereo moonsaults.

Fall #3: Technicos take it when Super Halcon Jr. pins Taraus after hitting with a fireman’s carry into the corner. Hombre Bala Jr. takes out Nosferatu with a tornillo Asai moonsault, and Hijo del Singo loses it for his team when he unmasks Metalico for the DQ

1. Soberano Jr. & Oro Jr. Metatron def. Espanto Jr. & Guerrero Negro Jr.

Fall #1: Rudos chant before the match even started. Regardless, the technicos take the first when Soberano Jr. pins Espanto Jr. after a moonsault and Metatron pins Guerrero Negro Jr. with a rana.

Fall #2: Rudos even it up when Guerrero Negro Jr. pins Soberano Jr. after a frog splash and Espanto Jr. gets Metatron with a splash off the top. Rudo chants a little louder at that finish.

Fall #3: Technicos take the first of the night when Soberano Jr. pins Guerrero Negro Jr. after hitting him with a moonsault while he was in the ropes and Metatron pins Espanto Jr. with a tornillo splash.

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