Dead pool 2013 updates…

Kind of a crazy, insanely busy week for the dead pool… well, at least for one person.

I went ahead and updated the scores and rankings as Chuck G went on a crazy hit streak, getting 5 hits in 8 days for 159 points, propelling him from third to first.

I keep my stagnate spot in 5th place for now, 292 points out of first place, pretty much eliminated already and it’s only April 3rd. My only chance at this point is if all 48 remaining people on my list finish off in 2013 and the chances of that happening are….?

Chuck takes over first with Wayne Fleming (38 points), Chuck Fairbanks (21 points), Ralph Klein (30 points), Jack Pardee (24 points), and Greg Willard (46 points). Congratulations to Chuck, now let some other play…   :)

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