Month – April 2013

Live results: 4/28/2013 CMLL Arena Mexico show

Tonight’s CMLL show from Arena Mexico… Kids Day = lots of aspirin…Looks like a good, pretty loaded show tonight… The ringside barricades are gone and the ring apron ads are covered up. Starting off with an in ring promo with Mistico… 6. Mistico DQ Volador Jr. Fall #1: Brawl started on the floor and Mistico […]

Live results: 4/21/2013 CMLL Arena Mexico show

Shows will be from Arena Mexico for the next two weeks instead of Arena Coliseo. Starting off with an in ring promo with Ephesto… The Telcel commercial makes zero sense… 6. Negro Casas, Niebla Roja & Volador Jr. (captain) def. Mistico (captain), Atlantis & Blue Panther Mask tearing time… Negro Casas accompanied by Perrito Zacharias. […]