Live results: 2/24/2013 CMLL Arena Coliseo show

Tonight should (hopefully) see an upswing in attendance as Mistico II makes his Arena Coliseo debut. He had worked here before under his previous gimmick, but first as Mistico. He is fresh back from a four month shoulder injury. Too offset, Dalis la Caribena is on the show, so beware… Kind of a racist moment for “humor” when in a promo with Shigeo Okumura and Namajague (prior to the lightning match), Namajague wouldn’t speak so the the announcer started saying things like “sushi” and “tempura” at him…

Starting off with an Amapola (entrance way) – Estrellita (in ring) promo)… Place looks packed…

6. Mistico, La Sombra (captain) & Atlantis def. Averno, Volador Jr. (captain) & Rey Escorpion

Volador Jr. was accompanied by Mije.

Fall #1: Sombra jumps Volador Jr. in the entrance and Averno goes directly for Mistico’s mask. It’s 2009 all over again, sort of. On the floor, Averno and Volador press Mistico and spear him into the ring post. Finish saw Escorpion submit Atlantis with a scorpion death lock and after Averno hit Mistico with the devils wings, Volador pinned him by standing on his chest. Not being protected?!?! Rudo chant in the crowd.

Fall #2: Second fall starts with Escorpion pressing Mistico on the floor and dropping him on to the front row seats. Averno launched Mistico over the top who came down and hit a rana on Escorpion on the floor. Atlantis took out Averno with a tope and Sombra pinned Volador Jr. with his double jump moonsault.

Fall #3: Mistico went for La Mistica and the crowd booed. Sombra threw Mije over the top to the floor on Volador, who in return threw Mije into the crowd. Sombra then his a moonsault bodyblock to the floor on Volador. With Averno on the top rope, Mistico jumped up like he’d do a rana, but instead came down with am arm bar submission. Atlantis submitted Escorpion with a backbreaker. Shocks me in the post match interview, they acknowledge Mistico used to be Dragon Lee. If you’re going to keep pointing that out, why change him?

5. Shigeo Okumura, Namajague & Niebla Rosa (captain) def. Maximo (captain), Stuka Jr. & Fuego

I sense some mask pulling between Stuka Jr. & Namajague… just a hunch… Fuego still has his shoulder wrapped.

Fall #1: Rudos jumped Stuka Jr. as he came out. Maybe they just don’t like Van Halen? Okumura & Namajague have spent the bulk of the fall working on Stuka Jr’s mask. Rudos take the first when Niebla Rosa plants Maximo and pins him.

Fall #2: Technicos come back when Stuka hits his body block over the post to the floor on Namajague, while Fuego wipes out Okumura with a tope. Back in the ring, Maximo slips Niebla Rosa some tongue and rolls him up. Crowd came to like at this point.

Fall #3: Rudos took it when Maximo took out Rosa with a tope leaving Namajague to pin Fuego with a sitdown powerbomb and Okumura to pin Stuka Jr. clean with a brainbuster.

4. Angel de Oro def. Ephesto (Lightning match)

One Fall: Angel de Oro pretty much controlled the match, at times, hitting a nice plancha, moonsault to the floor, a triple jump moonsault back in the ring, and a superplex. Angel do Oro takes it, submitting Ephesto.

3. Dark Angel, Estrellita (captain) & Dalis la Caribena DQ Amapola (captain), Princesa Blanca & Princesa Sugheit

Too early to hope Dalis no shows? Shit… she’s here..  :/

Fall #1: Estrellita went up the entrance to confront Amapola, so instead, Amapola came through the crowd to jump her. Rudos are smarter. Finish saw Dalis submit Blanca with a scorpion death lock, while Dark Angel did the same to Sugheit.

Fall #2: Kind of a funny spot when Dalis goes for a plancha and Blanca trips her on the ring apron. Technicos sweep when the rudos triple team Estrellita and won’t let up ending an excessive violence DQ. Two DQ’s out of three tonight…

2. Hombre Bala Jr. (captain), Stigma & Super Halcon Jr. def. Artillero, Super Commando (captain) & Taurus

Fall #1: Technicos take the first when Stigma pins Artillero with a sunset flip and Hombre Bala Jr. pins Taurus after a knee strike and split legged moonsault.

Fall #2: Rudos even it up when Taurus catches Hombre Bala Jr. going up and drops him face first for the pin.

Fall #3: Technicos take it when Stigma pinned Artillero, but Super Commando comes back and submits Stigma with a backbreaker. Hombre Bala Jr. took out Taurus with a spanish fly to the floor. Super Halcon Jr. finished off Super Commando by running him into the buckles while up in a firemans carry for the pin.

1. Freesbe & Genesis DQ Guerrero Negro Jr. & Ramstein

Fall #1: Finish saw Freesbe submit Ramstein while Genesis rolled up Guerrero Negro Jr. for the pin.

Fall #2: Rudos even it up after Ramstein pins Genesis with a very shaky frog splash and Guerrero Negro Jr. submits Freesbe after a powerbomb.

Fall #3: Finish came out of no where when Guerrero Negro Jr. struck Genesis across the chest with a belt and the ref called it. Rudos jumped the technicos after the match to leave them laying. DQ in the opener is pretty rare outside of a Perro del Mal show.

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