Live results: 2/10/2013 CMLL Arena Coliseo show

Starting off with a promo from Mr. Aguila at ringside…

6. The Invasors (Kraneo, Mr. Aguila & Psicosis (captain)) def. Bufete del Amor (Marco Corleone (captain), Maximo & Rush)

Will there be Miji tossing? You can almost bet on it…

Fall #1: Kraneo was the second one out for his team and the technicos jumped him on the isle.. that’s what you get for using that stupid gangman style song for music. Finish saw Kraneo pin Maximo, then throw Mije into the air on to Rush to pin him as well. First midget toss of the night, rudo chant since everyone hates Rush.

Fall #2: After a double suplex from Corleone & Rush, Maximo pinned Psicosis with a splash off the top to even it up.

Fall #3: At one point Mije tried to interfere and Rush kicked him to a chorus of boos. Shortly after, Corleone toon down all three rudos with a splash off the top and threw Mije on top to cheers. Maximo tried to kiss Aguila, who pushed him off, When Aguila came off the ropes, he crushed Maximo’s head. Maximo kissed Krano, then both turned around and hit topes on Aguila and Rush respectively. Corleone went for a high cross body on Psicosis, but Psicosis rolled through and pinned him. Second week in a row the national trios champs defeated the CMLL world trios champs. Challenges followed. People still hate Rush, the most over rudo on the technico side. Challenge made for a match at Arena Mexico, not Arena Coliseo…

5. Blue Panther (captain), Delta & Stuka Jr. DQ Averno (captain), Shigeo Okmura & Vangelis

Fall #1: Out of no where Stuka Jr. hit a tope on Okumura, while Blue Panther pinned Averno and Delta pinned Vangelis in under a minute. Stuka Jr. continued on Okumura in between falls.

Fall #2: Marathon fall going a few more minutes ending with Okumura pinning Stuka Jr. after a triple team powerbomb and Vangelis pinning Delta with an explosiva.

Fall #3: after Blue Panther took out Averno with a tope (impressive at that age) and Delta hit a nice looking plancha on Vangelis, Okumura fouled Stuka Jr, for the DQ. Challenges thrown after the match

4. Virus def. Metalico in a lightning match

One fall: Virus snuck in a foul when the ref wasn’t looking and submitted Metalico with a leg lock.

3. Cancerbero, Raziel (captain) & el Hijo del Singo def. Hombre Bala Jr., Starman (captain) & Super Halcon Jr.

Fall #1: Rudos take the first after Cancerbero submits Super Halcon Jr. with what looks like a standing “sharpshooter” and Hijo del Singo pins Starman after a splash off the top. More rudos chants.

Fall #2: Technicos come back when Hombre Bala Jr. takes out Hijo del Singo with a very nice tornillo plancha to the floor, leaving Super Halcon Jr. to pin Cancerbero and Starman to submit Raziel with an abdominal stretch.

Fall #3: Rudos took it when Hijo del Singo submitted Hombre Bala Jr. with a leg lock and Raziel & Cancerbero submitted Super Halcom Jr. with a combo leg lock and arm bar in a really good match.

2. Metatron, Molotov (captain) & Stigma def. Inquisidor, Nosferatu (captain) & Taurus

Fall #1: Finish saw Molotov submit Inquisidor, while Stigma pinned Taurus

Fall #2: Finish saw Nosferatu holding up Molotov and Taurus launched Inquisodor up for a chest cracker to pin him. Rudo chant picked up.

Fall #3: Rudo chant didn’t work as Molotov pinned Nosferatu for the win.

1. Bengala & Soberano Jr. def. Espanto Jr. & Zayco

Soberano Jr. is pretty good.

Fall #1: Finish saw Bengala submit Zayco with a leg lock, while Soberano Jr. pinned Espanto Jr. after a rana off the top and a standing moonsault.

Fall #2: Rudos even it up when Zayco pinned Bengala with a splash from the top and Espanto Jr. pinned Soberano Jr. with a spear.

Fall #3: Finish saw the technicos take it when Soberano Jr. pinned Espanto Jr. after a moonsault while Espanto Jr. was on across the ropes and Bengala rolled up Zayco.

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