New York Yankees 2013 schedule

I went ahead and posted the Yankees 2013 spring training and regular season schedule, which can be found on the links on the right. I will update the results throughout the year, even though I will be holding on to my one man protest and not watch a single game as long as Kevin Youkilis is wearing a Yankee uniform. I hope to be back by 7/31 if they trade him or 2014 when he’s gone. Certain things I just can’t accept, and him wearing that uniform is one of them.

The one thing that just jumped out me was that it seems the interleague games are just about through the whole season. The first interleague series for the Yankees will be 4/16 – 4/18, just two weeks into the season,  when the Arizona Diamondbacks go to Yankee Stadium and the final series is 9/20 – 9/22 when the San Francisco Giants head to Yankee Stadium as well. Crazy.

In the upcoming week or two, I will try to update all the minor league affiliates as well.

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