Live results: 2/3/2013 CMLL Arena Coliseo show

Starting off tonight with a promo from CMLL Welterweight champion Polvora…

6. Kraneo, Mr. Aguila & Psicosis (captain) def. Marco Corleone (captain), Maximo & Rush

Bufete del Amor (Corleone, Maximo & Rush) are the CMLL World Trios champions, while the The Invasors (Kraneo, Mr. Aguila & Psicosis) are the National Trios champions. Time to get the earplugs out for the deafening negative reaction Rush gets… Show is running long, so this might be VERY quick… Kraneo comes out with that HORRID Gangman style song, nothing like seeing Mije dance…

Fall #1: Rush was boo’ed but nothing huge. Finish saw Kraneo hit Corleone with a sitdown chokeslam, then dropped Mije on him before pinning him.

Fall #2: Finish saw Rush pin Mr. Aguila with a fisherman suplex, then Corleone throw Mije up on Kraneo, with Maximo getting the pin. Mije was a good 15 feet up.

Fall #3: Marco Corleone hit a plancha on everybody on the floor. No matter what Rush does, he’d get boo’ed. Technicos have been working on their celebrations. On the second one, Mije ran in and fouled Marco, Aguila hit him with a spinning kick, and Psicosis pinned him with an elbow. Challenged laid down after the match. Rudo chant during the Invasors post match promo.

5. CMLL Welterweight Title: Polvora def. Valiente

This is Polvora’s second defense of the title. Polvora was seconded by Super Commando, while Valiente was seconded by Stigma.

Fall #1: Valiente takes the first fall, submitting Polvora. I know I said it before, but Valiente one of those people you see and don’t expect to be agile. Prior to the finish he pulled off a nice looking springboard headbutt from the middle rope.

Fall #2: Valiente hit two topes on Polvora to send him up the isleway each time. Polvora got his feet up when Valiente went for a moonsault and pinned him with a sitdown powerbomb to even things up.

Fall #3: Lots of near falls and submissions. At one point Valiente went over the top rope to armdrag Polvora to the floor, then hitting a moonsault to the floor. Polvora sent Valiente to the floor, then hit a plancha. Polvora retains the title hitting la explosiva for the pin. Valiente hit in a very awkward way and the referee called the stretcher almost instantly and Valiente was taken out. First rudo win of the night.

4. Mascara Dorada, Diamante & Brazo de Plata (captain) def. Ephesto (captain), Misterioso Jr. & Puma King

Diamante smells like teen spirit… After weeks of listing him as Puma, then announcing him as Puma King, this week he was finally just Puma…

Fall #1: They teased a Brazo de Plata tope. The building would’ve never survived. Finish saw Misterioso Jr. pin Mascara Dorada and Puma pin Diamante at the same time.

Fall #2: Technicos come back with Mascara Dorada hitting a crazy plancha on Ephesto on the floor, leaving Diamante to submit Puma, while Brazo de Plata sat on Misterioso Jr. to pin him.

Fall #3: Technicos took it when Diamante took out Misterioso Jr. & Puma with a flip tope, followed by a Brazo de Plata plancha on to all three. Back in the ring, Mascara Dorada rolled up Ephesto for the pin. Technico night? That’s 4 for 4…

3. Dalis la Caribena, Goya Kong & Luna Magica (captain) def. La Comandante (captain), La Seductora & Zeuxis

Goya Kong is the daughter of Brazo de Plata. No surprise…. Dalis is just a terrible worker…

Fall #1: Maybe Dalis is having a bad night, but this is my first time seeing her work and she is just terrible. Merciful finish saw Magica submit Zeuxis and Goya Kong submit Comandante.

Fall #2: Finish saw Zeuxis pin Dalis with the chestcracker, while Seductora submitted Magica with an armbar.. one more fall, just one more fall…

Fall #3: Creative spot of the night goes to Comandante and Zeuxis when Comandante caught Zeuxis and spun her into a dropkick on Goya Kong. Technicos took it when Dalis pined Seductora and Goya Kong pinned Zeuxis with a sitdown powerbomb. Dalis is just terrible…

2. Magnus, Stigma & Super Halcon Jr. (captain) def. Artillero, Super Commando (captain) & Taurus

Fall #1: Techinos get the first when Magnus submits Tarus with a Fujiwara armbar and Stigma pins Artillero with a fisherman suplex.

Fall #2: Rudos even it up when Tarus pins Magnus after hitting a kind of reverse Michinoku Driver off the ropes (face first bump), while Commando and Artillero essentially hit a”3D” on Stigma and Artillero pins him.

Fall #3: Technicos take it when Magnus pins Tarus after a backcracker, then a few minutes later, Super Halcon Jr. pins Super Commando after holding him in a firemans carry and diving into the turnbuckles.

1. Bengala & Horuz def. Herodes Jr. & Zayco Bobby Zavala

Fall #1: Rudos take the first when Zavala pins Bengala after a perfect splash off the top and Herodes Jr. submits Horuz with a boston crab.

Fall #2: Technicos even it up when Bengala submits Zavala with an armbar and Horuz pins Herodes Jr. after a powerbomb.

Fall #3: Techinos take it after Bengala wipes out Zavala on the floor with a tornillo plancha. Back in the ring, Horuz rolls up Herodes Jr. and Zavala is counted out.

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