Live results: 12/30/2012 CMLL Arena Mexico show…

No better time to start than now I guess… Keep checking back as this will be updated throughout the show… :)

Arena Mexico is pretty empty. Videos and promos aired between most matches.


6. Mr. Niebla (captain), Terrible & Tiger def. Atlantis (captain), Shocker & Diamante Azul

Shocker is here, but no word on the blood alcohol level. Que Monito with shocker.Mr. Neibla was accompanied by Perrito. Neibla & Perrito came out with their bodies painted as the Incredible Hulk. Not sure if this is new, but he had the recording of Road Warrior Hawk’s “what a rush” at the start of his music. Wouldn’t that work great for Rush? Terrible is your CMLL Heavyweight champion.

Fall 1: Terrible pinned Azul with a splash off the top and Niebla submitted Atlantis with an abdominal stretch in a quick fall. After the fall, Perrito jumped Que Monito and hit a tiny “619”. Comedy night.

Fall 2: Shocker pinned Terrible and Diamante Azul pinned Tiger with his german suplex while Atlantis chased Mr. Niebla around the ring, eventually clothelining him over the barrier into the crowd

Fall 3: More comedy including another Perrito-Que Monito face off and Mr. Niebla’s spit spot. Looks like Rey Buccanero was ringside and knocked off the apron by Terrible. Diamante Azul took out Terrible with a plancha. Shocker had Tiger an an abdominal stretch while Atlantis jumped over them with a high cross body on Niebla. Niebla rolled through and pulled off Atlantis’ mask for the pin.

5. Brazo de Plata (captain), Angel de Oro & Diamante def. Niebla Rosa (captain), Olimpico & Puma King

I have a feeling now would be a GREAT time to run away. In his entrance, they mentioned that Puma King won Rey Cometa’s mask, and he’s not even here to defend himself. Niebla Rosa came out to “We Will Rock You”, probably the most over used song in CMLL. Mije was with the rudos and interfered in every fall.

Fall 1: Finish saw Niebla Rosa go to slam Brazo de Plata and was crushed under the weight for the pin. In training once, I had a 350 pound man slip when he want to give me a splash and it completely knocked the wind out of me for like 10 mins… I can only imagine what it would feel like if Plata landed on someone legit that way.

Fall 2: Puma King and Angel de Oro had some VERY nice exchanges. Puma King also sent Diamante into the ringside barrier. Olimpico pinned Plata with a splash off the top.

Fall 3: At one point, Diamante (moonsault) and Angel de Oro (corkscrew moonsault) hit planchas to the floor, followed by a Plata tope on Olimpico. My sympathies to Olimpico. Angel do Oro had Puma King pinned with a rana, Olimpico went over them with a sunset flip on Plata, but Plata sat down on him for the pin.

 4. Triton def. Virus  (Lightning match)

Several nice near falls by both Virus and Triton before Triton won with a sitdown powerbomb in about 5:55.

3. Marcela (captain), Silueta & Luna Magica def. Amapola (captain), Tiffany & La Saductora

La Saductora has raided La Nazi/La Comendante’s gear…

Fall 1: After Marcela took out La Saductora with a tope, Luna Magica submitted Tiffany while Silueta pinned Amapola

Fall 2: Amapola pinned Silueta and La Saductora submitted Luna Magica with an arm bar

Fall 3:Finish saw Luna Magica (with a LOT of help getting up the ropes) with a plancha on Tiffany & Amapola, followed by a Silueta moonsault to the floor on all three, Marcela pinned La Saductora after a backbreaker and a double stomp off the top.

2. Nitro (captain), Skandalo & Super Commando def. Peggasso (captain), Metalico & Angel Azteca Jr. Leono

 Fall 1: Peggaso pinned Skandalo with a 450 splash while Leono rolled up Nitro

 Fall 2: Super Commando submitted Peggasso

 Fall 3: Skandalo def. Peggasso with the Skandalo Driver

1. Oro Jr. & Camaleon def. El Cholo & Apocalipsis

I can at least tell you Oro Jr & Camaleon won the third fall.    :)

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