Weekly Sunday evening CMLL shows

Thinking with either the 12/30/2012 or 1/6/2013 show, I will start to post live results of the weekly CMLL Arena Coliseo (well, currently Arena Mexico though mid-January) as the show is taking place. Admittedly I am usually late getting to it and miss the first or second match. I will try to get better with that in the future.   :)

Tonight’s (12/23/2012) results… from memory…:

1. Camaleon & Fresbee vs. Ramstein & Camorra (missed this one)

2. Ultimo Dragoncito, Astral & Bam Bam def. Pierrothito, Pequeno Nitro & Mercurio. Technicos took falls 2 & 3. Pierrothito looks to have seperated his shoulder at the finish of the second fall from a Bam Bam kimura and missed the third fall.

3. Valiente, Guerrero Maya Jr, & Delta def. Virus, Puma King & Sangre Azteca when Puma King was pinned. Afterwards, Sangre Azteca and Virus blamed Puma King for the loss and Puma walked off.

4. Princess Blanca def. Marcela, then threw out a challenge for the womens title.

5. Stuka Jr. & Fuego def. Raziel & Cancerbero to retain the CMLL Tag Team Titles. I believe Raziel eliminated Stuka Jr., and Fuego came back to defeat Raziel, then Cancerbero.

6. Volador Jr., Negro Casas & Mephisto def. La Mascara, Maximo & Brazo de Plata. Finish saw I believe Mephisto defeat Brazo de Plata, while Negro Casas fouled and pinned Maximo.

Should air next weekend, though with luck, they’ll lose the footage from the last match… Building was pretty empty…

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