Small site update, provided in the form of clean up…

Well, before I get into any new updates, I wanted to clean up the site a little bit. I found a few pages that didn’t upload correctly, so I am going through everything to make sure it is complete. I also found that when I upgraded my software, for some reason it changed a lot of the pages to be right justified instead of centered, so I am going into each page and fix that as well.

Since it is the birthday of Nolan Bushnell, the true father of the video game industry (sorry Ralph Baer, but Nolan, Atari, and video games just go hand and hand.. and I guess hand), I started by correcting all the Atari pages in the video game section. Though Nolan did unfortunately unload Chuckie Cheese on the world, he can be forgiven for giving us the Atari 2600 (okay, I was never a really big Pong fan) and giving life to the world of video games. Actually nice that in 2012, on my XBox 360, I can still have a game room filled with Atari 2600 and Intellivision games to play, like back in the day.

Happy birthday Nolan, and more importantly, THANK YOU!!

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