Today belongs to A.C….

Well, about 15 minutes before kick off and barring any unforseen injuries or problems, today is the day Anthony Calvillo adds one more record to his incredible career. I wish I was watching, but the video will be available on the TSN website later on.

So far this year, Anthony has knocked off two CFL records, passing Damon Allen on the list for most pass completions in his career (5318 and counting) and most career touchdowns (411 and counting).

Today, most passing yards in all professional football is in the crosshairs. Last week he passed the NFL’s Brett Farve (who had 71838 total yards) on the list for second place and right now is only 258 yards behind Damon Allen to taking sole possession of first place (Damon’s record of 72381).

I should’ve stayed home to watch the game live as I know i’m missing out on something big!!

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