Updates coming this week!!!

I swear !!!  :)

Before the week is out, I plan to have all the Yankees and Canadiens results bought up to date as well as get the adjusted 2011 Yomiuri Giants scheduled posted.

I am working on changes to the sports section of the site and hope to have those sections adjusted as well.

With luck, I will also have picture from the last four games I attended as well. Those games are:

  • Last nights (4/23) Omaha Storm Chasers vs. Nashville Sounds (AAA)
  • 3/1 Montreal Canadiens vs. Atlanta Thrashers (NHL)
  • 1/26 Washington Capitales vs. Atlanta Thrashers (NHL)
  • 10/16/10 University of Georgia college football game (forgot against who, I really can’t stand college football)

I am trying to plan a few more baseball trips, but the next game scheduled will be my first arena football game, so we will see how that goes…

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