Month – December 2010

Updated the Sega Genesis list

I updated the video game section by adding pages for four Sega Genesis games, Hellfire (which was so good, when I first tried the game, I turned around and bought a Genesis console on the spot), Ms. Pac-Man, Star Wars Arcade (32X), and Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition. Follow the video game link on […]

Update to some of my teams links

Sorry i’ve been a little slack on the updates lately, i’ve just been busy with… well… just about everything… In the meantime, i’ve updated the scores and results for the Montreal Canadiens and the repeating CFL Grey Cup champions, Montreal Alouettes. I also added in the 2011 spring training and regular season schedules for the […]

Dead Pool 2010 update: Elizabeth Edwards

´╗┐The dead pool has been updated to reflect Elizabeth Edwards. With a hair over three weeks left to go, Jacek, Tom, and Steve all keep the same positions on top. Michelle moves up from 9th place to 7th place. I am 113 points out of first place, so I am pretty much counting my 2010 […]